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    The name's Sandwich. I'm a pretty laid-back guy, working my way to med school. I'm more of a DL than AB and more of a dom than a sub. I have a neat little site somewhere where I uploaded a few of my captions I created under the moniker DiaperLord some years back, but got lazy and haven't reuploaded all of them.

    I like to listen to metal, am currently addicted to finishing Skyrim (been working on side missions and the main story in conjunction for somewhere around 2 years), and I love me some pizza. Maybe my name should be pizza.

    Just looking to maybe get a little more involved in the community, though this is mainly a fetish for me. I'm much more interested in discovering how this kink works, so to speak. Not really interested in "fixing" it, but rather the patterns and so forth to better understand this fetish. I assume in the future, as my interest grows in such a thing by the day, I'll be doing some sort of fetish-related studies to try and figure these out a little more. Just a pet interest of mine.

    But that's that. Everyone go get a sandwich as a reward and in celebration for reading this whole thing.

    The end

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    About time someone deliver's my cheese sandwich ^^ jk.

    Welcome to ADISC and must I say that was a nice little introduction you had going there! From your fellow Snivy sounds like you like any kind of cheesy snack Took me while to discover myself here so it shouldn't take you long yourself. Your surrounded by a bunch of supported people so it'll take you ermm...maybe a month or two but I'm no doctor :P What kinds of degree's do you already have?

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    Skyrim ahhhhhh I have never finished it. I need a new copy. But I like a corned beef and pastrami sandwich with kimchi/sourkraut , mustard on rye with a slice of swiss.

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    Welcome to our deli! You'll find all sorts of varieties here. Nice introduction. How long until you get to med school? You sound like an inquisitive guy fascinated by learning, exploring, and discovering new things. There are lots of us here due to having this fetish, so you can pose your questions or ask about experiences you want to learn more about. Most have no idea why this is a part of who we are, but those of us who are a bit older have come to recognize that for us, at least, it isn't something that goes away forever. The intensity rises and falls, but it's always still there in the background.

    So welcome to our group. We're all friends here.

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    Thanks for the welcomes!

    I've got a BS in Biology and Psychology. And I've already applied to some med schools, just get to wait a good while now til they get back to me. Looking forward to learning some more stuff from you lot!

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    Here in NZ med is an undergrad degree, you take a first-year sciences course and entry to the next 5 years is competitive. So I'm currently drawing close to the end of my second year, and I don't have a degree of any sort. We do also have postgrad and 'other' category entry.

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