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Thread: Mizz Blazey babysitter

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    Default Mizz Blazey babysitter

    Hi there I'm Blazey,

    A little about myself, I'm strict and smart, at the same time I'm very polite. I pride myself on being patient and understanding even in the face of rage. I live for comedy so I find the humor in everything as well as the silver lining. I write a lot and have many talents like film editing, animation, and singing oh I also raise and train marsupials

    Shows I like; @midnight, Shameless, Wilfred, FireFly, Dexter, Workaholics, Dailyshow, Colbert Report

    Comics I like; Louie CK, George Carlin, Tig Notaro, Jim Gafigan, Jeffery Ross, Kristen schaal, Dane Cook, Jamie Kennedy, Ellen, Jordan Peele, Kegan Michael Key, Kevin Hart, Kate Micucci Nathan Fielder, John Oliver, Maria Bamford, Eddie Murphy, Lily Tomlin, Penn and Teller, I love John Pinette..... I could go on.

    I like movies, documentaries, a few shows, and I enjoy comedy.
    I liked Inception, Fight Club, Limitless, adjustment bureau, Hesher, Everything must go, I love you man, Despicable me, Iron man, Pineapple express, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Thor, Brave, wally, Achorman, Bridesmaids, shawshank redemption, Se7en, city of god, The Professional, Clockwork Orange, How to train your dragon, Terminator, 12 monkeys, 21 jump street, Donnie Darko, Sherlock Holmes, Princess Bride, Star Wars, Run Lola Run, Dark knight, Basketball, MIB I II III, arthur, Winters bone, Cedar Rapids, Meet Monica Velour, Just go with it, The greatest movie ever sold, exporting Raymond, The beaver, Horrible bosses, 30 minutes or less, Fright night, 50/50, Now you see me, THIS IS THE END, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, how to train your dragon 2.


    I'm a caregiver and a little. I'm active in the community and I run a southern California based group that has a global chatroom. Thats been a huge deal to me the last 10 months. I pay for it myself to keep it free for users, and I studied social patterns for years making it easier to form a welcoming environment and set up expectations that everyone behave well.
    The main rules made it very different from the other things available to abdls.

    I've been a long time reader of the forum but It was recommended I make an account and participate

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    Hello! Welcome to ADISC. That was a great introduction and I love the picture!

    What kinds of movies do you like? I'm almost the same way about strict and smart except sometimes Strict just goes past me but I can't handle plain...plain...ignorance haha.

    welcome aboard!

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    Hello Blazey and welcome to the group.

    I love Sugar gliders. they are such characters.

    Again welcome to the group.

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