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Thread: Giving blood and they made 2 major mistakes

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    Default Giving blood and they made 2 major mistakes

    So I'm putting this here because I want to know if this has ever happened to other people and as a warning it contains blood, anxiety attacks and medical mistakes.

    here is the story if you don't like needles, blood, and/or have a phobia of any of these things don't open the spoiler.

    Also another note I've been giving for 3 1/2 years. I know how to do it and can say with certainty that this is an unusual case.

    While this event definitely traumatized me I will still give whole blood donations and also double red donations.

    And for everyone who can't read the spoiler;
    What blood type are you if you know and also do you give and how often?

    I've given close to 3 litres now.

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    I am a trained Phlebotomist and He should have stopped after the first miss on the second arm.

    That is something that should be brought to the attention of the donation center.

    I unfortunately can not give blood because I have a positive titter for Q fever.

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    I don't do needles... when I have to have a blood test I tell them upfront you get 2 tries, maybe a 3rd if you're lucky.... so you better be good. This last time she was so good I didn't know she had stuck me or was done

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    I do double reds. As an O neg donor they rather have me for whole blood products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    I do double reds. As an O neg donor they rather have me for whole blood products.
    That's what I'm going to stick to from now on. I really wanted to do platelets but I couldn't now.

    I despise needles but I understand the need so I do it anyways.
    I also have a fear of my own blood in copious amounts, as in like a scratch, even a large cut from my knife(ves), won't bother me but it was bad this time.

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    I give blood regularly. Never had a bad experience like that but I'm not as valuable (B+). Usually they just joke and laugh and have a good time. I try to stay relaxed cuz I have become faint more than once.

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    I can't recall a bad time at the blood bank but I did have a bad IV installed by a paramedic once. Having been a paramedic who probably has 500 blood draws/IV starts...I understand how it can happen.
    I was in a car accident and of course, the seat belt made a nice crease in my chest. Once you mention chest issues to a paramedic they have to do the cardiac workup. This I understood. But he botched the IV and when the driver came by to unload me from the ambulance she saw me all bloody and asked what happened here. I said "Paramedic Fred happened" boy was he embarassed.

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    never in 30 years had a bad time Im ab- second most common i give at least once a year sometimes twice but one thing better is a heart on your drivers license thats an organ donor

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    i give blood every now and then theymess up every other time on me or my blood stops flowing mid way. I am O+

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    I've given several gallons of blood and almost all of my experiences have been positive. I'm not afraid of needles because I had allergies as a kid, and they'd stick me with 20 needles in each arm, starting when I was four years old. But one time I gave blood, she missed the vein and started rolling the vein. The pain was so intense that I almost passed out. I was really pissed at her.

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