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Thread: The COLD

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    Default The COLD

    so what is everyone's theory on the cold?? I want to hear some of you all before posting mine.

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    If I go in snow It's super effective against me I dun like it. But my trainer does! He hate's the heat!

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    I like the cold. There's a reason why my window's open in the middle of a snowstorm in January. >.>

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    I prefer cold weather over hot, as I'm very sensitive to high temperatures. However, temperatures in the 60's (Farenheit) with some sunlight is probably what I like best.

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    I hate the cold as I'm cold sensitive. I much prefer summer and hotter weather, but within reason. Very hot, humid weather is hard to tolerate.

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    I live in Chicago; the cold weather is what keeps me alive.

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    I prefer cold to hot. Cold, you can always wear more clothes and more layers, or better materials and do okay. Heat, well there's only so much you can shed. Plus, warm diaper with layers in cold weather is great, whereas diaper in the heat is just not.

    What drives me nuts is how people turn the heat up to the high 70s (like 77-78) when it's cold, and the AC down to the high 60s (like 67) when it's hot. If everybody switched the two so that our homes used less power across whole cities, it would be really nice for the planet.

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    At my age I'm with Dogboy. I can't take the cold anymore. In the summer can't take the extreme heat and humidity when it gets above
    80 degrees.

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    Give me a cold frosty morning over a mild wet one any day , but not to cold though

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleScout View Post
    so what is everyone's theory on the cold?? I want to hear some of you all before posting mine.
    Well... the established theory is that coldness is a property of substances with comparatively low thermodynamic activity. Above absolute zero (roughly -273 degrees celsius), molecules vibrate in direct proportion to the thermodynamic temperature. That vibration is analogous to heat. Cold is simply the (relative) absence of heat.

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