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    About two or three weeks ago I ordered two pair of pull-on style diapers from a company in Australia. They were in my mailbox when I got home from work today about four days earlier than expected.

    I found them on E-Bay by a store or person called "mazdam01" who happens to be a member of the forum (SuperTed).

    I'm wearing one pair now and I have to say that I love the cut and the softness. It's not too thick which will make it good for daily wear. I like the low cut style and have been searching for something like this since I got interested in buying over a month ago.
    I told him that I would order more after these came in so that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

    The only thing is that when one shops internationally, E-Bay doesn't allow one to put them in a shopping cart so you have to make the purchase right then. That's a bummer because I wouldn't mind ordering different patterns.

    So this is my second set of diapers in general making the total four pair with two more coming from Super Undies tomorrow, a red and an orange one.

    Anyway, I have the "Outer Space" pattern which has little planets, moons, stars, and rocket ships against a black fabric. Now if they would glow in the dark. LOL!!!

    He's won a repeat customer.
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    Very nice, 12String. I went and found what you were talking about here, for anyone who's interested.


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    Thanks for the feedback and recommendation 12String! Very glad to hear that you liked them It gives me the warm fuzzies: P

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    I'm wearing a pair now.

    Is it possible to place an order of different styles as opposed to buying several of one style? I'll be going back to E-Bay to order some other stuff not related to AB/DL and while I'm at it I'm going to look through the patterns again and select one. I like the fish but I'm thinking of the dinosaurs because they are white and gives a stark contrast to what I now have.

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    Most other international customers are making multiple purchases and just paying for each individually. Then i just refund the excess postage back through ebay. That allows you to purchase whatever you like then

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