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    So last night I went to bed diapered as always due to my bladder control, but when when I woke up this morning I had messed my diaper too. I donít recall waking up in the middle of the night or anything. This is the first time I have messed while sleep, it kind of felt nice besides the smell. I hope this doesnít turn into a regular occurrence.

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    Luckily ive never had this happen to me but I do wet the bed unknowingly about once a month, which is why im diapered every night. I have however gotten possible food poisoning a few times this year and have had several accidents during those times. From these times, I can now understand wgy it would suck to be bowel ic, 2-3 days sucks as it is, nevermind permantly.

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    Never had that happen. If it happens again, you may want to consider seeing a doc.


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