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Thread: Diaper Disposal Systems

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    Do any of you use diaper disposal systems? I've been looking into Janibell's line of them, debating whether to make the plunge. They are about 100 bucks for a 13 gallon one and refills can be pricey, but appear to hold a lot per bag (80 feet long). I did have a diaper pail by munchkin, but the refills ended up being expensive and sometimes the diaper would be hard to put through the hole. At some point I jerryrigged regular trashbags, but just ran into the situation with it barely holding more than 3 or 4 diapers at a time before having to toss. I was just wondering what people use to dispose of their diapers, especially those who wear more often or 24/7. I might just end up getting a second garbage can that is also sealed.

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    I just reuse plastic bag bags from various other purchases, mostly store bags, the fruit and vegetable bags, or any other bag that that is big enough to hold a used diaper. If my roommate leaves before the trash is picked up I dump them in the can as is. If I'm the one leaving early I put those bags in a regular trash bag and take them out.

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    I use a Korbell Nappy Bin, it does only hold 3-4 diapers, but that's fine, because that forces you to empty it before it starts stinking too much. I have however switched to using regular 30L bin liners, as they're much cheaper than the continuous liners that Korbell sell.

    I'd probably recommend a Diaper Champ, as it's designed to use any regular bin liner or plastic bag.

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    I usually just have an odor blocking trash bag I use. I never had a problem with not fitting enough diapers in them than I just take it out when nobody's looking.

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    I had a difficult time purchasing a diaper pail. I always feared that someone visiting might see it and I would be stuck explaining something I really didn't want to explain. I have fairly large house and live alone, so I have dedicated one of the two large walk-in closets off of the master bedroom for my diaper area. So, naturally I now have two diaper pails. One for my disposables and one for plastic pants and cloth. I use the Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Pail for disposables and it works really great. When it is full, I simply snip off the bag , tie an know in it, and it is ready to go again. For plastic pants and cloth diapers, I use the ACD diaper pail, it is just like the old baby style diaper pail with a swivel top. Plastic garbage bags are a snug fit, and it also works great. I usually wash one every other day, and there has never been any odor at all.

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    I do the reuse store bag, thing, It works great for me, I try to wait till the bag has 2 or 3 before I take it out, which is usually like every day. Since im super poor, its a cheap and its recycling

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    I use the diaper genie. Most of the time it works great, just remember to separate the stuffer or may be tight fit.

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    I have a artillery shell ammo casees to store wet diapers. Got one in my room and one in the kids room in the morning they throw theirs in it and latch it up and that's it. the boys like it because they don't have to have a diaper pail in their room so their friends don't ask too much questions. Honestly they are awesome. Got three for $90 1 diaper pail that size is easily $100 so I got 3 the storage at 9/10 the price

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    years ago when i lived at home i would put one in a 13 gallon plastic bag and tie it i would dump at gas stations mcdonalds or any where with outdoor trash!! today I still do the same but can burn them in woodstove or just take to dump being in the country

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    I use a diaper genie. I bought one several years ago, and use it for more than just diapers. I don't have trash service. I live out in a rural area. Sometimes I have to store trash in my house (leaving it in the trash cans), or sometimes on an enclosed porch; until I'm able to actually take it all off. I usually take everything off once a week. I don't want to have smelly trash bags sitting around so I use the diaper genie.

    I don't wear all the time. So after I finish wearing, I can just seal up the diapers in the diaper genie bag, and throw that bag in the regular trash. That way it can sit there and won't stink up the house.

    I also will sometimes throw food scraps in the diaper genie, so they don't stink up the house either.

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