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Thread: Hello! I am terribly shy.

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    Default Hello! I am terribly shy.

    Hi to all, I'm a really shy person in general but I thought this is where I should start out. I'm afraid there isn't much to say about myself besides I am considerably lucky to be able to do what I enjoy, stay inside most of the time and spend the days with my two incredibly handsome doggies. I live with room mates. I have a very lax life. I'm a furry, a beginner seamstress and a gamer. No surprise there!

    I guess what prompted me to finally join the community is I met my Daddy of several years in person last month. He came all the way from England and we had an amazing time, it got me thinking about how much I do enjoy being around people even though I have social anxiety that requires daily and situational medication. My time with him was wonderful, and made me realize how lucky I am to be a little with a Daddy who is 100% a care giver.

    I think I'd like to be able to contribute to the community in any way I can. Now that I am starting to gain experiences that go beyond the computer screen, I would like to give back to a place I have lurked and gotten support through posts and such before. Still, I doubt I will be of much use, but at least I can try!

    Now- as for when I am not being little, I mostly try to find new and interesting ways to fight off boredom. I've played video games since I was in kindergarten, my parents being gamers themselves when I grew up. My big genre of games I play tend to be Rhythm and Beat, and puzzle games. I sew, mostly clothes for 18" dolls and the occasional stuffed animal. I used to be more active in my local furry community until my anxiety got too bad for me to go to meets. I listen to a lot of music and it's almost stressful when people ask me "What do you listen to?" because the list is extensive and I can't say "everything but...." because there are always exceptions and new interesting genres I'm exploring. I have decided real recently to try to learn how to play the piano.

    It should also be warned I gobble up books as if they were candy. I go through stories at an alarming rate!

    I'm sorry for rambling on, I hope that I gave you at least a fairly decent idea of whom I am. I hope to get to know many of you and make some friends here- thank you for having me and taking the time to read!

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    Welcome PinkFox! You gave a great introduction! I'm a big reader, too. Who do you like to read? What kind of dogs do you have?

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    Welcome :3 Definitely a better introduction than mine... Hehe.
    I hope you'll have an awesome time amongst us ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkFox
    Hi to all
    Welcome, sounds like life is going well.

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    Hi and welcome. Cracker intro, I should be taking a leaf outa ur book

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