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Thread: 3D modeling, feedback required

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    Default 3D modeling, feedback required

    I'm not sure if this should be in the computer topic or not, but Iím leaning towards not since it focuses on the design aspect more than the computer/tech aspect, so here goes.

    I'm thinking about making an animation short from a (now revised to non-ABDL related) story I started here about 2-3 years ago, and I could use some input on the character design aspect.
    The character, which is the main character, is about 13-14 years old, and I need feedback about if the current character model is fitting for someone of that age.
    I have NO background in animation or anatomy, so any advice is much appreciated.

    PS: if anyone wants to know, this was made with FUSE universal character creator, which makes it SUPER easy to create a character model, but the features are currently still a bit limited (sorry, no furries or diapers available)

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    This guy looks pretty buff for 13/14. you need to soften his facial features and tone down his muscles a bit...make him a bit skinnier, that could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    This guy looks pretty buff for 13/14. you need to soften his facial features and tone down his muscles a bit...make him a bit skinnier, that could help.
    yea, i thought it was a bit off, i just don't rely know when it is enough/too much

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    I'm not sue about the application you're using, but normally you can scale various features up or down to the desired level. it could be that your modelling the character too much on yourself...what you're familiar with. could be best too push it way to the other end of the scale...go skinnier and younger than you think you need to, then slightly modify it up. Most 13/14 yo are still kinda prepubescent and not really showing the effects of testosterone, which is muscles and strong features.

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    With a background in anatomy, I would have said he has an odd upper body with poor muscle definition in some places. He's pretty skinny in my books. Great work though, can't be easy to model a human! You're doing better than 99.9% of animations I've ever seen.

    The two biggies for me would be editing the feet a bit, the tops are too high and the ankles a bit wide I think. And giving his legs more muscular definition to match the upper body, specifically I'd like a nicely-defined gastrocnemius muscle, on the posterior calf.

    Cheers and keep it up!

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    wow did you create the whole model?! nice work!

    I agree with the others though, his features are a somewhat mature / rough compared to usual 14 year olds.

    Maybe if you can't tweak it further in this program you could try exporting and loading it up in blender, maya, modo or another modeling program to refine it and maybe even retexture (z-brush or mudbox are great texturing tools) it.

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    i haven't worked on it yet, but i have a rough idea of that needs to be done.

    problem is, this program (FUSE) is meant to create humanoid modles of adult characters, of wich you can then "tweak" things like arm length, thorso wth etc.

    the mussle detail might be baked into the premade modle, so i might have to edit that outside of FUSE.

    i needed to edit it outside of FUSE anyway, since i want some things that FUSE does not (yet) support.

    Basically, it is a 3D version of those dress-up games

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