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Thread: Cuddlz Pacifier... Better than sliced bread?

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    Question Cuddlz Pacifier... Better than sliced bread?

    Wow, almost a year since my last post! I was active almost everyday 3 years ago. But having to wait 7 months after that surprise age restriction made me forget about ADISC! Expect this face more often! Damn, I'm rambling...

    So I was browsing the Interweb looking for more collectibles, when I stumbled across this. The size comparison to a NUK 5 is pleasing. Also the print is pretty cute. What I don't like is the shape of the teat... It's the same shape as a baby sized pacifier. I'm concerned it's going to feel odd in the mouth.

    Has anyone here purchased this pacifier (or one similar to it) and have any feed back? I look forward to hearing from you guys, and maybe seeing some old faces.

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    They are a bit spendy, but the reconfigured paci's at pacifiersrus will have a teet size fit for an adult. I have a big jaw so I am sporting a size 7 silicone. It is very durable and has lasted for years. I'd say they have dozens of guards to choose from.

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    Well for 23$ vs prices at pacifiersrus, this is actually a pretty cheap deal, and the guard being bigger is pretty cool. What i'm unsure of is the teat. It looks like something you would see from a rave pacifier(not that I have been to one, but I have seen those pacifiers online because i was currious). I'm wondering if the teat is a hardish plastic or something. Who wants to find out first?

    Welcome back Cook. I missed all of you guys who got kicked out, lost a lot of community energy, but it is still good here.

    Edit: Just notice the description does say it is silicone.

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    I agree. Being in the UK, pacifiersrus will be even more expensive due to postage. So it works out better.

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    What is the shape of the teat? I couldn't find a clear photo of it anywhere. Could any of you please post a photo of the teat?

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    It is a horrible shape! The design is very poor, it feel very unnatural in the mouth. I would recommend looking somewhere else! I don't have a photo just yet but I will post one when I get the chance.

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    I have yet to find a single adult pacifier that has the original "rigid" silicone feel to it. The Nuk 5's I tried were just too soft, and that felt strange. That's why I looked into the Cuddlz pacifier (silicone...), however I understand there is obviously something wrong with their shape.

    I think I tried the pacifiers R us silicone and latex. Both just felt too soft.

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    I am thinking about buying one, but I got some questions.
    I was wondering if the shield fits nicely against the mouth? And to those of you who own one, do you think it's possible to modify it and replace the teat with another?

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    The shield is a great fit, it also feels nice being significantly larger. It's the teat that's bad, the width is much too large!

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