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Thread: Rainwear anyone?

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    Post Rainwear anyone?

    When I was little, I just adored walking in the rain in my blue rubber raincoat and hat, with brown rubber boots- And I still like being out in the rain in a rain suit and boots, this time with a diaper under. Anyone else like to do this?

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    That could be a cute thing to do but a regular rain coat would be too big for me :p

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    Did a long walk in the rain yesterday while dogsitting Junior's mutt. Being part Lab, she was all over it, puddles, flooded path and all. It was warm enough it didn't much bother me either. I wore big boy pants, though, thinking the scent of diapers might result in odd dog behavior.

    Edit: Oops, strayed from topic a little. My only concessions to the weather were my official camouflage Army Sun Hat to keep the rain off my glasses, and waterproof hiking boots. I hate waterspots (glasses) and blisters (wet feet)

    Edit2: Mrs. Maxx has a pair of sky blue galoshes that she picked up somewhere. No, she's not one of us, or even close, but she does let some little peek out now and then.
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    Never thought of rain gear as an easy cover for pubic wearing. I did have a mind to go to the snow this coming winter. I have some big puffy snow suit pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleaf View Post
    Never thought of rain gear as an easy cover for pubic wearing.
    Forgot about that angle....

    Winter, yeah. Big coats, big pants, perfect for disquising diapers.

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    I remember being in early grade school and wearing one of those bright yellow rubber/plastic raincoats with the yellow rain hate. I also had big black galoshes that had the buckles that you pulled over and pressed down to secure. Fun times. Now, I have a couple of water repellent coats that I wear, depending on outdoor temperature. I do a lot of dog walking in the rain.

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    Several kids in my neighborhood and I had yellow rubber raincoats and hats. I hated them at the time. It seemed to me that only kids my age or younger had them. The older 'cool' kids had different (better?) rain gear on.

    I never used a raincoat as a cover for diapers.

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    I had one of those black rubber raincoats and hats when I went to grade school. If I remember right they didn't keep you all
    that dry. They had buckles that held them closed. I would get home from school and be wet. Also had to wear the four buckle
    overshoes. Walking home from school I think we tried to see who could get the wettess being boys jumping in all the mud puddles.

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    Had a semi-transparent raincoat once as a kid. Imagine one of those, boots, a diaper, and nothing else.

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