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Thread: So, I return with some great news!

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    Default So, I return with some great news!

    Yes, I have returned but for a short time. As of right now, I am up to my neck in university study. But, that hasn't stopped me from getting done what needed to be done.

    I have opened up a dA account for my padded Pokémon drawings!

    I hope to use it more often in the near future, and this gives me a foot-hold to put a stop to any pesky art thieves.

    To celebrate, I -MAY- be up for the idea of re-opening my old Pokémon request list. I know that some of the users may have moved on from then, but it at least gives me the opportunityto get back into the swing of things.

    Hope this all goes well.

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    There you are! Welcome back!

    And I'm guessing Digimon don't quite make the cut for that list. :P

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    It is very good to be back

    Need to top up my diaper stash in the near future, and I need to get around to buying some more AB stuff.

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    Hey there too lol... is it obvious that I'm procrastinating and not completing my overdue essay?

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    Hi and welcome back. I was so excited when I finished my novel at the end of the year. It's great to finish projects. Mine took six years. Other projects for me are learning to play some of the great pieces on piano or organ.

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    Welcome back Jagged... uhm SillySwampert! ;)

    And may your studies at the moment be finished as fast as possible, so you may stay a little longer. Although that's just wishful thinking, right?

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    Welcome back, hope your university studies get less stressful

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    Welcome back and it's nice to easily see your padded pokemon works somewhere besides here

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