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Thread: The Joy Of Wearing Diapers

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    So I finally bought myself some GOOD diapers, really good quality diapers and it is awesome. I was wearing Tena Maxi slip & Abri-form and it is awesome!

    I've used 5 diapers in 2 days, so it is kind of addicting dor sure. I have had a tiny leakage problem, so would it be worth it to invest in some plastic pants? Are they effective and comfortable?

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    Abri-form shouldn't have a leakage problem ;-; and Tena Maxi Slip's don't have leak least I dunno that one

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblitz
    Ding Dong
    This might be your question Snowy

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    I'm a heavy-wetter and I wear small diapers. Abri-form is pretty good, I'll have to keep testing it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    ....and Tena Maxi Slip's don't have leak guards...
    Since when did that happened?

    The maxi has leak guards, which are even quite tall and fit very good.

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    If you're leaking an Abri-Form you're probably overusing it. It'll take some time getting used to how much it can take before needing to be switched out.

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    Also, sometimes leaking can happen if the diaper wasn't put on properly.

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    As a personal choice i do wear plastic pants especially now that Tena has gone 100% cloth backed over hear in Europe, they completely prevent any press-through issues with the cloth backed nappies and will hold back most minor leakages but if you wet very heavily into an already wet nappy they can still leak.

    As for comfort, i find them comfortable enough but the i did buy a size up from my usual which means the leg cuff probably aren't quite as tight as they are meant to be but as i brought them primarily to stop press-through they suit me fine.

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    Any diaper can leak if you use it too much. Plastic pants can help and ensure a tight seal, but if you put more pee in the diaper than it can hold, that liquid has to go somewhere. And "somewhere" in this case is into your pants, chair or bed. :p

    You're using very good diapers though, so I think it's just a question of learning how much it can take. If you're leaking on first wetting, you're either flooding like crazy or you're not putting it on snugly enough. If the former, try to let it out a little more slowly. If the latter, just practice.

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    I would assume, from the diapers you're wearing, that you're not putting them on properly. That's not a criticism on you- check out the forum's posts about properly putting them on, I was at first quite surprised at how counter-intuitive some of the best tape positions are.

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