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    I'm kind of taking the "Tutorial cheat sheet" as a way to introduce myself. I'm here because I want to learn a bit more and try to learn how to accept myself. I love pretty much any game with a good story and solid level design. I love software development, and really simply love to learn new things. While I have been interested in diapers my entire life, I have tried to really hide it for a long time.

    I hope this is a reasonable introduction, but I'd be happy to talk more about anything

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    Welcome Kerwin! That was a fine introduction. Are you from NorCal or SoCal?

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    I was from SoCal, but I live in Indiana at the moment

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    Welcome Kerwin! I think you've come to the right place. I have also hidden my love of diapers for as long as I can remember. What brings you to this site? Are you looking for new things to try? Ways to talk to people about your love of diapers? Ways to avoid talking to people about it? I think you'll find what you're looking for regardless.

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    I've been a lurker on and off. Just recently told my GF about this side of me, which she reacted fairly well to. After that, I had a bit of a nervous breakdown or something- I felt like I betrayed her, and worry that I may have destroyed the relationship and all. I do still feel like I betrayed her a bit, but I realized that I don't want to be where I was. during the breakdown, I was everything that I hated. I feel like I need to come to terms, and try to enjoy what I like, otherwise this will build up and I will become what I hate- which isn't fair to anyone.

    I still worry about losing her- I love her more then anything, I just don't think I can run away from my interests anymore. I need to find a happy medium where I don't have binge perge cycles, and I don't have such an immense amount of disgust and hate for myself. I really want to be productive in my life, but I am sure that this would be hindered by the sort of self destructive attitude I had during my breakdown. I came to the conclusion that I really just need to interact with others that had this interest, learn more about other people and hopefully stop being so self destructive.

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