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Thread: ABDL and working in a nursing home?

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    Default ABDL and working in a nursing home?

    I'm trying to get a job as an aid in a nursing home, which is a place where adult diapers abound. Of course, the people there really need them, but I'm wondering just how awkward it will be being constantly surrounded by people in diapers and taking care of them. Anyone else have experience working in a place like this? What are your thoughts?

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    I had similar experience back when I was working as a psycho-educator with special needs kids. Lots of them needed diapers and in some places, I had to change them. To be honest, changing them was for me, quite a routine thing and at worst, discusting.

    But I did enjoy managing the diapers supply. I was always curious of who used what. But for me, it was not akward as in sexually attracted or anything. I had a job to do and it sometime got pretty discusting.

    One thing for sure though, I was always very carefull that the diapers where put on perfecly, on the contrary of some of my cowerkers that put them on, sticking the tape anywhere and fitting them wrong.

    I also worked in a long term care hospital where diapers where common. At that time, I was working security and my hourly patrol lead me to the supply room in the basement where all the medical gear was stored before being sent to the units. There was a large section for diapers of all kind. I always kept a good notice of the stock movements. (o:

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    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere about somebody in the same situation about a week ago who said that it didn't bother them at all once they got into it.

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    I am a carer in the community, I thought it would be difficult to do such a job involving ppl in nappies and me and my love. I get aroused by nappies etc and was worried i would get a hard on, but your mind will tell u its a completely unrelated thing and will keep you sane and calm and non aroused when around them. Also having a conversation with them or other co-workers often keeps your mind sidetracked. Hope you figure a way of dealing with it. x

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    Thanks for the replies. I was also sort of worried that it would distort my feelings about diapers. That is, that I would start to associate this thing I enjoy now with with the elderly and sickly, and that I may start to see it as more "gross". Would you guys say that it hasn't really affected your ABDL personalities?

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    I used to work in a nursing home. I never got tempted to take one. It was just work and I really didn't give it a second thought. When I first started my CNA job all we had was bed pads and even with changing them every two hours we had complete bed changes. So when we got the disposeables it was a great relief. I don't remember it being very gross. I did ALWAYS take a shower as soon as I got off work though.

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    I have done IT work a little bit at a nursing home, the diapers usually at nursing homes are typically crap. This one had the crappy american tena ones. Nursing homes often have excessive amounts of cameras, so you really shouldn't even think about taking diapers beyond the fact that you would be stealing from an employer as well. Seeing the diapers sometimes would trigger me to want to diaper myself when I got home, but around the same time I was in my 24/7 stage most of the time, so usually diapered anyway. I am sure when you are having to help someone, it might be different.

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    Not sure why the last couple people felt the need to discourage stealing the diapers. I don't think I said anything that would be misinterpreted along those lines, did I? No, I certainly wouldn't think of stealing from work. I'm just curious about how the job affects one's frame of mind as an ADBL.

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    I worked IT in a hospital setting for a while. Never really paid it too much mind. Only time I almost had an issue was when I was on a child psych ward and the kids were playing tag and one decided to tag me by slapping me in the ass, was afraid he was about to ask why I was wearing a diaper, but either the kid didn't notice or didn't care to ask.

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    I've done volunteer work in a nursing home and found it fine, couldn't have stolen any if I'd have wanted to as they were rationed VERY tightly.

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