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Thread: Is This What The "Dream" Feels Like

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    Exclamation Is This What The "Dream" Feels Like

    FUCK,FUCK,FUCK, i'm so confused right now, forgive me for the past mistakes ive made for once and please listen to my predicament. if this gets to x-rated, i apoligise but i have to tell it from the start. so at about 8:30, i get the mail and in it is one of those samples that p&g give out, a pampers size 4 to be exact, an at this point, i'm horny as hell so i get the idea to try my hand at using a diaper, it ended horribly. so i get a trash bag and the diaper and head downstairs to try it, this is where it gets bad. i try to pee, but i cant, so i decide to drink a two year old pepsi from my mini fridge to help ease the pain. i still can't pee, so try to pee in a cup and that works. so the i pour the pee into the pamper and get another "bright" idea, mess it. so i hold it to my crotch and push like mad, after about 3 minutes, i drop a decent sized log and then proceede to sit and squish in it. then, as per say the moron i am, i preeceed to jerk off. after i finish, i realise, oh shit, this is not gonna end well. i get up, clean myself off with kleanex, and throw the pamper, kleanex and pepsi can into the trash bag. i put on my sandles, and make a mad dash in the rain with the bag in hand to the garbage can outside. i come in the back door and run downstairs. if that wasn't bad enough, my mom askes me why i ran outside, thank god she dosen't see the bag. i say that i left my letherman outside and went to get it. i'm freaking out, does she know, am i screwed up for doing sexual things as a sissyfur, what do i do know. ahh, i'm so confused.

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    I think it's time to seek some help outside Adisc. Adisc is a support community where people can support you. It's no substitute for real help.

    If I may conclude anything out of your post(s), which I may be wrong in, you do not need support, but you need some help. And I doubt anybody from behind a computer can give you that, let alone without the proper training and education or set of skills to help someone.

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    only therapist is some 40 year old from canada who came here from albany. i just might quit adisc soon because i'm losing faith in the community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittermunk View Post
    i just might quit adisc soon because i'm losing faith in the community.
    Faith in what? What do you expect from the community? Why doesn't the community live up to your expectations?

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    Faith in the community, i don't expect much from an internet forum, all i wanted was a community i could entertain with my poll and maybe get some occasional advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittermunk View Post
    Faith in the community, i don't expect much from an internet forum, all i wanted was a community i could entertain with my poll and maybe get some occasional advice.
    ...And you don't feel like you are getting that? Or am I misunderstanding the situation?

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    ok, i admit the community likes my polls and i am also getting good advice sometimes, i just have to sift through to get to it.

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    Please don't take this the wrong way.

    "" You are starting drama half of us don't want. ;-; We all have offered help for you and it doesn't seem like you taking it from us. I'm trying to be sincere, i'm trying to be understand, but it feels like your taking my heart, dipping it in chocolate, and throwing it overboard and want to spread this nonsense to other members who have to put up with it.

    Occasional advice??? We don't condone advice which involves rubbing or pressing against diapers for your own pleasurement or whatever it was you were talking about. Advice or Support is something you not need because even I "The great Snivy" don't even have a response for this. I honestly want to throw up. You need help, help, help, help, help, h-e-l-p. Psychologist, Doctor's, me dude it's going to make you worse inside and your going to wonder what in the hell is going on.

    I would never lose faith on ADISC because it's my second home I go to everyday. I have never lost faith once but now that you are talking about it, and if you feel like leaving then there is the front door give your keys to Moo and be on your way. You even keep saying your going to quit ADISC but you don't. I think you said it twice but after a few posts,

    you said "nah, I'm not going to quit -Ron"

    "ah, i ain't gonna quit adisc, i just need some ideas for a babyfur nursery that can fit in a 10x15 foot space? -ron"

    I personally hate it how you use everyone's favorite community with your drama problems and expect US to feel bad or not to have the "right" answer for your life-situation where a therapist or medical/outside help could assist with you. You even told ArchieRoni a rude statement and tried to make him feel bad, he even said he wasn't going to sound harsh the way he worded what he said. C'mon dude :'( Don't even be like that to ADISCers


    I think your a terrific member but what you are doing is making polls which is not bad but every thread you start completely hurts and we offer help but you twist our words around and we end up being confused. You might just want to accept our advice and you will realize we are not wrong. We aren't going to give you medical advice because that is against the rules but I feel like we can't help you anymore because we are not "physically" there to see and thank god I am not

    I'm sorry, someone had to say this...

    Please listen to this...

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    snivy, your a great guy, yes what i did was vomit inducing, and yes i vomited just a few minutes ago becuase i thought about it too much. i like you, your a nice guy and i'm sorry that i always turn peoples words aginst them, i likely have some mental disability that i haven't diagnosed. yes, i want to get help, but as i said, i have check out literally every therapist covered by health care, and no, none of them were good. they all seemed to not want to be there and some seemed like THEY needed the therapy, and yes, i do go to a doctor regularly just because i know i should. but he is not a therapist, he is a doctor that helps me with some struggles in my life. i cannot get a drivers license because i have bad eyesight and purposely don't get a license for the simple fact that i don't want to crash and hurt anybody. it was disgusting, and i cried for an hour after i did it, yes sometimes i am really stupid, like the time i sold my bike so i could buy a 6 pack of coca cola. i'm not going to quit adisc, i have a bad habit of bluffing, if i say it again, please ignore it and pay attention to the other things.-Ron

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    Maybe it would be best explained as to why members of ADISC say you should seek help. Almost any type of "disorder" characterized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (DSM IV) ((Yes I know the DSM V is out, however a lot of professionals still use the DSM IV)) has the criteria of the "disorder" impairing your life for 6+ months. Granted I don't know you that well but I infer this types of feelings have been going on for at least that long inside of you. Impairment means different things to different people, however vomiting, crying and ruminating over an act seems like impairment to me. Thus, like everyone else has suggested, go see a mental health professional. You're right in that a medical doctor may not have the time or training to help with your mental health (psychiatrists being an obvious exception). Also make sure your expectations of the mental health professional are grounded. Don't expect to have an hour session, talk about being a baby/sissyfur for 45 minutes and expect complete resolution in the next 15. It just does not work that way. Granted if after X amount of sessions you really feel that they are not helping you, then try someone else. Also I find your use of the word 'dyke' in your second post to be unreasonable. It's an anti-gay slur and hits home. Please choose your words more carefully next time. I am a licensed counselor in the state I live in, so this comes from that. Also please don't mistake my words or definitions: merely having a fetish is NOT a disorder; when it starts impairing your life for 6+ months, it certainly could become one. Best wishes.

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