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Thread: Another XP Medical thread

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    Default Another XP Medical thread

    Just curious: In the checkout thing, it asks for a credit card number, but do they also accept debit cards?

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    They'll even take a pre-paid credit card, which is what I used when I ordered from them.

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    If the Debit card has like a mastercard or discover or some other logo like that then it should function exactly like a credit card for websites. If not then I don't think it will work, though I could be wrong.

    But most debit cards I seen do have such logos, I guess most banks have credit card partners.

    But in the case it doesn't work you could setup a PayPal account linked to your bank account then use PayPal to pay it. PayPal doesn't cost anything plus you can take online surveys that pay you like .75 cents to 5 bucks for taking surveys. (all transfered to a paypal account in most cases.)

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    What Fire2box said. And in the event that you can't get your debit card to work, they also accept PayPal, which ou can link to your bank account and use like a debit card.

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    I like how they do their discreet shipping, they turn the manufacturer boxes inside out LOL!

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    Yep I use a debit card too. It is good they take debit cards because that means anyone 16 and older can order diapers online. Since you have to be 16 to get a debit card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlaskanDL View Post
    I like how they do their discreet shipping, they turn the manufacturer boxes inside out LOL!
    recycling ftw

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    When will people learn? Debit cards are just like Credit cards if they got a Visa, Mastercard, etc logo on them.

    Also, if your parents check your statements, don't use a debit card as it will show up as XP Medical. Use paypal and it'll just show as a Paypal Instant Xfer on the statement.

    Maybe it's just my mom who checks it but meh -_-, I've already opened another full checking account without her name on it, the first one was a Student checking so she had to be on it -_-.

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