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Thread: New gun being offered.

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    Red face New gun being offered.

    I just saw a new gun offered on Face book.

    I believe that it is being offered by Rugger.

    It is called the congressmen.

    It is a high caliber pistol with a lot of promised features.

    Once you buy it, it will cost you more to maintain it in the long run, does nothing that it is suppose to, and you can not fire it!

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    I get it, "Congressman"...The Hominid Primate "Shithead" bought by the KOCH Brothers, and does nothing but sit on his/her ass while "Rome Burns".

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    And when you buy it, it tries to get rid of all of your other guns, and those of your friends too.

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    I'm going to stand here and shake my head disapprovingly.

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    That sounds interesting but I think I am going to stick with my scar H. I am not much of a hand gun guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoogy View Post
    That sounds interesting but I think I am going to stick with my scar H. I am not much of a hand gun guy
    FN SCAR, this isn't Call of duty :P Although I need to go back to that game sooner or later.
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    In the UK we get the MP version but just as useless as the congressman and for god sake don't get a Blue coloured one as it will swap sides on you (Defect from Conservative party to UK independence party )

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    They will either use that as an excuse to rob places and claim it ain't a real gun or fix it up to actually shoot. Guns have worked and done stuff like that to work in the past and up to the present. It's a shame we are living in a world where guns are everything. I miss the days where you were awesome if you have a nice car.

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