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Thread: diapers and hemroids

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    Anybody have any insight on how to deal with hemroids besides sitz bath, prep h and diet. I do all these, ecxept maybe diet. Do u guys think diapers make hemroids worse? I been dealin with them since I was like 21, but have gotten worse over the years(more often). I notice that ill still have issues even when im not in diapers as consistantly. Im thinking of talkin to my doctor in the next few weeks. Thanks

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    I've had to deal with hemorrhoids in the past, it started when I was a child and it has only showed up a couple of times throught my life, so it's very mild, but I have been told that it can show up again at any time during my life. At the time the doctor spoke about food and constipation as the main reasons. I know you want some advice besides the obvious but you also admitted not taking any special concern with what you eat which I believe is a key factor. I'm not that strict about what I eat but I do try to healthy most of the time.

    For those that don't know, and I believe many don't, hemmorrhoids occurs when a vein or more than one vein around and/or inside the anus becomes dilated causing obvious discomfort, some other advice I can give you besides watching out for what you eat, spicy food in particular is bad, is cleaning yourself with something else other than toilet paper because it causes irritation, wipes or baby wipes are great for it because besides not being irritant, I think, they also cool your skin, and washing your bottom with cold water helps too.

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    After I had a colonoscopy I had a really big one. My doctor gave me some medication that took care of it in a few days. YES - see your doctor as you seem to have a recurring problem. I hate to tell you this, but sometimes surgery is necessary.

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    I dont eat a lot of spicy food, I do use wipes, which are great. Im gonna talk to my doctor to see what he sayss about if surgury is needed.

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