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    Every babyfur has a story, what's yours? What is the back ground of your fursonas. Just curious.....

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    I run away from trainers...pure and simple. Nobody has caught me and nobody ever will X3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I run away from trainers...pure and simple. Nobody has caught me and nobody ever will X3
    *sleep powder, stun spore, and Ice beam* *Throws a MasterBall*

    You were saying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oceltot View Post
    *sleep powder, stun spore, and Ice beam* *Throws a MasterBall*

    You were saying?
    It failed because I belong to Chris :P

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    I'm not exactly sure what you mean with 'story'...
    My adult fursona is a red fox too, though his markings and stuff are different from Snowballs...
    The name... No idea, sounded nice and fits his White ears/paws/tail tip/underside...
    I'm thinking of adding a White spot on his forehead in the shape of a snowflake, but I'm not really sure yet...
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    The Story Of Kitter

    in 1655, kitters distant relatives immigrated to west Virgina from modern day Ireland, the ship ran aground on the coast of Delaware and kitters relatives hiked across the U.S.A until they settled down in modern day west Virgina. In 1776, the second generation of kitters relatives opened up a cheese shop during the revolutionary war, kitters great uncle Patrick, or Packie was killed in the war and buried behind the homestead. in 1825, kitters great great grandfather studied medicine at Harvard, and later studied alchemy until his death at age 95, in 1885. in 1902, kitters great grandfather started work on an early automobile, the minjay runabout, he was killed in 1910 when the car he was driving exploded due to bad valves and steam pressure. in 1925, kitters great grandmother immigrated to New York to become a flapper girl at a night club, she continued this until 1935 when the club closed down due to financial trouble. in 1943, kitters grandfather was born in Indiana after kitters great grandmother immigrated there, in 1951, kitters grandmother was born, she later married kitters grandfather in 1971. in 1973, kitters mother was born along with her uncle. finally, in 1992, kitter was born (kitter lives like it is 1993). in 1993, kitter started cross dressing.

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    So cool. Well Pip is a Jackalope raised by a adoptive family of Dogs. So he acts like a pup from time to time and even has a family colllar with a metal carrot shaped license. He has a broken horn from when his horn was still growing so he has some balance issues. I guess I haven't developed him further.

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    Wow. Lemme remember here lol. It happened from an RP I did on this site years ago. CrinkleScarf, forgive me if I mess up some details, it was a long time ago :P

    This will be a long post, I apologize in advance. I just like storytelling.

    There were four of us, and suddenly someone with a magic ring appeared in front of us. He said that he could grant any wish, but at a price. My character, Pandora, didn't believe him, and wished to be a fox just to be sarcastic. Next thing I knew, I was a fox with human properties. (This is where the RP ended and I cme up with this stuff alone).

    I was scared at first, but once I met other "animals" like me, I found comfort in that. Another fox with magical powers comforted me after my transformation, and began treating me like her kit after a while. I didn't fight her, because I found it to be very soothing. She began to breastfeed me and diaper me, and sang lullabies when I went to sleep. At the time, I didn't even realize my body was shrinking. It occured to me when I was eye-level with my adoptive fox mom's knees.

    I met a Japanese bobtail cat named Nieve a while after that. She looked about my same age (which I never did find out, my best guess was two or three), and we became really close friends. It soon became apparent to me, though, that I seemed to be the only one around who couldn't use magic. A couple years after meeting Nieve, when we were both in training pants, I kept asking her to use her magic. I ended up exhausting her, and her magic wasn't coming out correctly anymore. In a bright flash of light, I was sent hurdling into the wall while she stared in terror.

    When I woke up, my tail felt lighter. As I brought it into view, I saw it had become longer and more streamlined. I ran to a mirror and saw that I had become a cat. Then I noticed something else. In between my legs wasn't a pull up training pant, but a thick diaper. Nieve had turned me into a fully incontinent cat!

    She felt terrible for it, I told her I didn't mind and that we can go back to playing.

    We've been best friends since. She even changes me sometimes *blushes*

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    Sam is basically me and me as I'd like to be. He's friendly but a bit mischievous and tries to not let things get him down. His history is a little sad but he's gotten better since. Seeing as I was in the mood I wrote it as a quick poem. It is a little dark but there's a happy ending.

    Sam here is a wolfy, silly as can be.
    Never cared for growing up as you can plainly see.
    He struggled from his day to day with feelings of despair.
    He just wanted to be happy but the others did not care.
    "You need to grow and be a man, do great and manly things.
    Do you think we all sit here happy, living all our dreams?"
    But Sam was just not interested in what they had to say.
    For he knew just how he liked to spend his passing days.
    They could nay-say all they liked it wouldn't change at all.
    For how this wolfy felt inside could not be stomped or mauled.
    Crinkly diaper, bottle of juice, cartoons playing on his T.V.
    This is what Sam wanted, this is how he liked to be.
    But given time it all wore thin, however could he cope.
    He'd been beaten down and tormented, at the end of his own rope.
    He began to doubt himself, these feelings that he felt.
    It made him different, made him strange, this hand he had been dealt.
    His days began to blur and he couldn't seem to care.
    He cried, he raged, he laid in bed, it never seemed real fair.
    And then one dark and horrid day he took a knife in paw.
    Tears in eyes he raised it up, his life he would withdraw.
    That pose he held for quite some time.
    His mind quickly pondered with his life on the line.
    "Is this really my way out or have I jumped the gun?
    No this is not the end of me, death you have not won!
    I'll build myself up once again, to what I want, they'll see.
    I'll smile and laugh and feel such joy, a big adult baby."
    With that he broke his dark state of mind and found a different way.
    He was going to work and change, to no longer feel dismayed.
    Soon he was back in diapers, he wore most every day.
    He made sure to make the time for bottles and for play.
    Day by day he became happy once again.
    And soon he had a Daddy too, a wolfy just like him.
    And now he shares a space where he's encouraged to have fun.
    To be a big ol' baby, to crawl and play, and run.

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