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Thread: I LOVE leaky diapers

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    Default I LOVE leaky diapers

    I don't know what it is, and sometimes the mess it a little much. But even if the wet bed or chair is anouying I can't help but get all happy when I have a leaking diaper. Dose anyone else feel this way?

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    Not I... I like my diapers to keep me safe and dry.

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    A dry diaper for me is a nice diaper. I may like it of course if it's wet but if it leaks...I just suddenly shut off and go "Oh...s***!"

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    I do like to feel water and all, but not my water.

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    I'm nearly obsessed with keeping my clothes, furniture, and automobile dry. I wear a premium disposable diaper, preferring to wear a size just a bit large for me. Over that I wear a plastic pant with a cloth panty under it, so that any leaks from the disposable are kept within the lined plastic pants. This combination has been 100% effective in keeping everything outside dry. Granted, it's a bit of overkill with the security provided by the Dry 24/7, and I was thinking about giving up the plastic pants just this past weekend. I'm not there yet and will continue to go for that extra security and safety. To each his/her own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokithegirlysergal View Post
    I don't know what it is, and sometimes the mess it a little much. But even if the wet bed or chair is anouying I can't help but get all happy when I have a leaking diaper. Dose anyone else feel this way?
    What makes me happy about it is that it's a sign I made good use of my padding

    I'm not extremely fond of leaving wet spots all around, but as an old member on here used to say, "if it ain't leaking, it ain't coming off!"

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    I've never been in a situastion that I haven't worried at least a little about leaks. I like to wear and wet doing everyday stuff - tidying my appartment, playing computer games on my couch etc. And with a leaky diaper I would worry I left stains around my place. An appartment that smells like pee is my worst nightmare. So I don't know. I love really wet diapers, if I didn't worry, maybe I would have liked leaky ones too.

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    Don't get me wrong, I like to stay dry as we'll and be able to wear for a long time with all the squishy padding <3 but there's just something about the occasion when I do have leaks, it's just really enjoyable. Guess it's cus I feel a little helpless when it happens and kinda makes me feel more little.

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    I always worry about damaging the furniture or whatever other thing I'm sitting on. If I know I won't damage anything (there's a pad under me or something, for instance), then a leak won't bother me. It's not necessarily a state I strive for, but if I'm not going to leave puddles or worse on the chair, then it's no big deal to me.

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    I do not love leaks, but I usually don't mind them when I have a good pad under me. It is annoying when I am not expecting it. I do not like it running down my legs.

    When I am having fun with my husband we always have extra protection on the bed so the more leaks the better. He hasn't complained yet.

    When I wake up and my jammies are wet and I am on a pad I am like "oh cool." It does give me that feeling, but I like to be active as much as possible. I want to be able to jump on the trampoline without leaking.

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