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Thread: DC Amor Review By BabyemoTheDipster!

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    Default DC Amor Review By BabyemoTheDipster!

    There are a precious few times where the Ageplay community can gather around a truly new product. It's no surprise that the ageplay community is gun shy and niche, and therefore is a very difficult place to get a product off the ground, Especially when itís not free. That is why the introduction of Diaper Connoisseurís Amor diaper is so special, and completely unexpected. I have worn many diapers throughout my ageplay, and each have their strong points, and their weaknesses. I split the categories into Form and Function. All Diapers used in this review are Medium size.

    The Amor diaper features a print like I have never seen. The idea of a pink diaper has always appealed to me, but has never quite come to pass. These diapers are not only pink, but have a design in them completely covering the plastic. As an added bonus (and no doubt cost) the leg gathers have a beautiful design along them that really brings out the care and detail the single creator and business owner took in designing this new brand. The taping panel is another story. I feel that it is quite out of place with the rest of the diaper, much like the custom diaper taping panels that people print for their own use. At this time I am writing this under the impression that the image on the front was not the choice of the creator, but the production company, and that they had slightly edited a copy written image, and that the next iteration shall include a new tape panel. This shows the creator's nimble ability to respond to issues in the line and I have faith that he will be able to take care of the problems efficiently.

    When i began gathering data for this review, I fully expected an overall shape and placement much like a Bambino. I feel there are enough differences in the two to say that these may be made by another manufacturer or at the very least a different die. I shall use a Bellisimo as a comparison in my photos (where applicable) for no other reason than Bambino is the defacto ABDL diaper.

    As a quick overview, the front panel is longer/higher than its bambino comparison, and while the top tape is even the bottom tape is around an inch higher than a bambino, offering a better fit for my chubby thighed comrades. As a fairly skinny person I simply need to adjust the back down a bit more to get a good seal.

    The plastic is softer than i would give a bambino credit for, and definitely more pliable than an Abena m3/m4. I should say that I feel that the Amor is just as strong as any of the above.
    The function of this review is split into overarching categories. I will be looking individually at all parts of this diaper.

    Padding- The first thing I worried about when looking at this diaper was the padding and absorbency. Looking at the Amor and Bambino padding reveal striking resemblances. The distances to edges are equal, and the overall shape is as well. The padding width in the middle is 8" exactly on both diapers, and the thickness matches that of a Bambino Teddy.
    Absorbency was a real surprise. A thorough wetness test found that wicking was as fast as anything on the market, and when saturated was very solid, with no signs of slosh or padding falling apart. I believe they found a great ratio of sap to pulp, and I cannot recommend any changes in that area.

    Leak Guards- The standing guards along the inside of the leg are comically large. This is not a bad thing though, as i feel the diaper would need to sag to my knees before there was a gap. The photo shows 2.5 inches unstretched. Another half inch was gained when they were pulled by hand. This is compared to the modest 1.25 inches of a bambino.

    Leg gathers. The leg gathers appear to be well stitched, with 4 strands per side. Sometimes the fabric can get caught up in there, but has no negative effect on the fit or comfort. I did find as I wore these, the leg gathers did wear out and loosen. The photo below is a comparison of before and after showing a separation of the elastic.

    Waist Bands- Both front and back waistbands happily remind me of the mid 2000's depends. They have almost an inch of travel, almost infinite spring back, and are larger than the bambino on both ends. The picture below shows a comparison unstretched. The bambino had no stretchability, so there is no pulled comparison.

    Price- A case of these delivered to my door is only $6 more than a case of Bellisimos, which adds up to a few cents per diaper extra. Whether they are worth it to you is completely subjective.

    Tapes- I was beginning to think that this may be the perfect diaper, but then came the tapes. Perhaps it was an oversight, perhaps it was the only way to get a tape without blue edges, (as a post by the creator suggests.) but they all but ruin this diaper. The tapes are as wide as a bambino, but the plastic is quite hard and brittle. The glue on the tape is downright abysmal. My test was done by taping them on as normal without pulling the tape off after the initial fasten. Activities done during this test were minor and only included slow walking and mostly sitting. Within a half hour of all 3 test diapers being fastened I had at least 1 tape failure at the glue. If left on after 3 hours often there would be a failure at the point of the wing where the tape is attached to the plastic. The plastic would not rip, they just would just separate. I admit that these were all from the same package, so there may have just been a bad few. But as it stands I'm afraid this makes the diaper completely unusable in every situation without copious amounts of tape, which does not stick well to the plastic cover.

    TL;DR- fancy words blah blah blah, should I buy them? This diaper is 99% perfect. This version 1.0 diaper gets a giant, industry leading gold star in all but one point of both form and function. The front panel is a matter of taste, and will be gone in the next batch (collectors scramble now!). The tapes are an absolute deal breaker for almost everyone I have met. This iteration will be amazing for those professional models and actresses who need props to include in their videos. For someone who will be out and about or even just moving for over a half hour, wait until the next batch. That being said, I have full faith that this one man diaper company is set to blow the lid off of the Ageplay diaper market. I feel with new tapes this company will rocket to the top of the connoisseur chart and become my personal go-to diaper for every occasion.

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    Amazing review! I didn't know that you could buy a case! Thanks!

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    nice review, got to say I'm kinda digging the comically large leg gatherers

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    OMG I have to try these!!! There so adorable<3

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    I have two packs of these babies waiting for me to wear them in my closet! They are so dang cute that I am afraid to wear them because I know I'll use them all up! Better save up and buy a full case

    Only bad thing is, it costs $70 for shipping for a full case.. at least here in Cali

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    I have to totally agree with this review. I just did a quick test on absorbency with out any boosters and they lasted 10+ hours before leaking during which I drank about 2 liters of water.

    A note about the tapes. I contacted Jeremy who's selling these diapers and apparently he was originally going to use the strong famous 3M tapes. He felt the blue part of this tape would clash with the overall theme of the diaper, so he went with an alternative, weaker white tape. Personally, I find it was a reasonable alternative as the blue really would mess with the design. Currently, I use a little clear packaging tape on each of the tapes, which is sufficient reinforcement to keep the diaper tight up to 12 hours.

    Apparently, the manufacturer did mess up the taping zone's design. Though I think they did a pretty good job, the taping zone was actually supposed to have pinker shades rather than the red color.

    I've found the high leg gatherers to be amazing as they let you put in just about as many stuffers as you want, raising the absorbancy to... whatever you want.

    In any case, I've tried all the premium diapers from every kind of Bambino, Abena M4, Dry 24/7, Tena Maxi, Active ultra, Cushies etc. And frankly I think I'm going to keep repurchasing the DC Amor over any other diaper.

    Jeremy is very responsive and open to criticism. I think it's important to show support for him by purchasing his products. He put in a great deal of effort into making a diaper that is in many ways better designed than any other abdl product on the market.

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    Very well put! I think on my next paycheck I will be buying a case of 48 from him! It may cost $150 (including shipping) but hey, it's only like $3.14 per diaper which is not bad for the amazing quality. Plus, I have pink duct tape to reinforce the diapers if need me =)

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    how is the padding? does it clump during an extended wear? is this a 24 hour diaper?

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    Great review. Given this review I will buy SOME soon. But I will not buy my usual full case order as I usually do. The tape issue sounds like a deal breaker for me. I don't want to pay for a high dollar diaper and be adding ugly packing tape all day. Blue stripe or no blue stripe he must fix this on the next run to have any hope of having repeat customers. I prefer a single tape as well, but the bottom line is the tapes have to work.

    As far as the graphics. Honestly its the overall pink design that draws me in the most. But he is on the right track with design. Something a little more princess like would be awesome. I like the idea that designs will change, makes it interesting and exciting. Look how nuts this community goes over the next GN design!

    Other then that the great waste bands and huge gathers(my favorite) sound awesome. I hope Jeremy checks in here and keeps up the good work!

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