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    Just thought I'd share my experience from today. I decided to try wearing diapers for the full day, using them for their intended purpose of course . I actually started by wearing to bed last night, ended up not using it until I woke in the morning. I packed my bag with changing supplies and went to work (that's the exciting part). I work in a lab (so no customers or anything) and luckily I am typically the only one there on Sundays, so I figured it was the perfect opportunity. However, the downside to Sundays is the left-over coffee, usually it is palatable, but I learned today that there is a major consequence of drinking reheated-day-old coffee; it really makes me need to use the restroom. I stuck to my guns and used my diaper, but man was the cleanup a pain- I don't think I'll be going 24/7 anytime soon . Walking to the restroom for cleanup nearly caused me a heart-attack after I passed by the facilities manager, fortunately he seemed to be off in his own head at the time. I've changed once more since I've been home and plan to end my day in the best way possible; going to bed in a doubled Bambino Teddy, with a paci in my mouth.

    Anyone else have a story of a day out wearing?

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    That's why unless you can't help it, don't advice messing around anyone because you will draw some eyebrows ^^

    My only story was sweating to death in a plastic Abena M4. Never will wear outside during summer time

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    Reheated 1 day old coffee? Are you that desperate?

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    I have only successfully gone a full 24 hrs. in one diaper. Usually if I wear to school and work, I'll have the same one on for 12-14 hrs. I usually also am careful what I eat and try to go #2 in my nappy before I leave my house so I can change before leaving.

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    I have not gotten to #2 yet. I tried once and decided if I HAVE to go in a diaper I would just pull it down/off use and fold up. That way I have less mess than using the commode. The smell is wrapped up and no remnants on the bowl if the flush does not go perfectly. So it would probably be awkward if I went to s friends house and left a poopy diaper in their trash, so maybe I would try to carry out in my special bag. My 24/7 usually includes a couple trips to the commode. Hey I make the rules or lack thereof. I work at home so there are no heart stopping moments if I use at work. It can get weird if I leak since I have to wait until break time to change.

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    Myself, I avoid #2 in a diaper. I'm skinny enough that I slide them down and use the toilet for #2 ad slide the diaper back up to continue wetting.

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    I have tried going #2 on numerous occasion, but have pretty much tossed that aside: the clean-up is too much hassle. This has pretty much wearing all day obsolete, but I try my best to extend the use of my diaper for as many hours as I can before changing.

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    Thank fully I'm only urinary incontinent - so I don't mess in my diaper. However a whole day in a wet diaper, can also end up with you smelling a bit from wet diaper.
    But that's what I use plastic pants for, contain the smell

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    I'm lucky at the moment and live about 5 minutes from work. So I just change my diaper at lunch time. I really like it when its winter though, makes for easier diaper changes in public, diapers can easily fit in coats. That's one thing I envy about women and their handbags, they can easily make a purse double as a mini diaper bag. One trick I've done before is tuck in a shirt and put the diaper there, then you go to the bathroom and change in a stall. It looks kind of weird, so you have to move quickly when you do that. You would be able to fit a travel size baby powder in your pocket, though wipes are a pain, sometimes having a small ziploc with some of them is the way to also allow yourself to take it with you for a change.

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