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    I have a reusable swim diaper I use in the pool. It contains bm's well, but does not do a good job with containing urine. Frequently, as soon as I get out of the pool I pee, and leak all over. What can I use to prevent this?

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    So-called swim diapers actually are designed and intended to retain fecal matter, not urine. There is no easy solution for the retention of a sizable amount of urine. The best swim diaper for anyone who is bowel incontinent is the SoSecure swim diaper which calls itself a fecal containment system. A newer swim diaper Swimmates, basically is a reinforced pull-up with only a small ability to hold urine - primarily intended to hold a small amount you leak until you are in the water.

    Some pundits have noted that most pools are so chlorinated that the small quantity of urine you would release would not make a difference.

    If you do a search of past messages you will find previous discussions.

    I am medically bowel incontinent and have been bladder incontinent. I swim but use the SoSecure swim diaper. The new Swimmates sound o.k. for limit use, i.e. wading in pool, rather than vigorous swimming and kicking the legs.


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    My problem is that often I have just left the pool when the pee flows out urgently. I end up in a puddle on the way to the changing rooms. My aides clean it up but I have gotten looks from lifeguards

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    Some of the diapers provide a small amount of urine retention but frankly, once the diaper has been submerged for a while all bets are off. As pointed out, swim diapers are designed for fecal containment and most only do a so-so job at that. Please as a pool operator: do not defecate in the pool unless you can not avoid it (or go in with a poopy diaper). Leave immediately and change if you do. Do not swim if you are fecally incontinent and have diarrhea. These things are not much more than fecal tea bags designed to give you a few minutes to exit the pool before contaminating things.

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    Just a few questions. Do you know when you are urinating but just can't hold it, or do you automatically urinate and don't even realize you are doing it? How often do you urinate? Every 5 minutes? 10 Minutes? Dribble all the time? This is the reason why I ask. If you are aware that you urinate and when, then you might be better off. So, let's say you urinate every 10 minutes. Would you know when in the pool that you had just urinated and then be able to get out of the pool and to the restroom or bath house before you urinate again? That might make things less obvious. When you do get out of the pool, if you just hang around in one of the lounges or chair for a while, I'm sure you would be in the same situation, wetting all over the place. Even if you wore either a disposable diaper or cloth diaper with tight fitting plastic pants under your swim diaper, I'm sure the diaper would get pretty soaked while in the pool. It's not a good idea to wear a dispsoable diaper in the pool anyway just in case it falls apart. The padding can really clog up the plumbing and filters. The only thing I can think of is leave the pool immediatly after you have urinated so you have less of a chance that you will pee all over the area around it. Immediatly go to the restroom or bath house and put on a diaper and shorts. Then go back and sit by the pool enjoying the sun. You will be protected. If you want to take another dip in the pool later, go back, take off your shorts and diaper and put your swim diaper or swim suit back on, but do it only after you have just urinated. That way you are maximizing the time between your wetting and will minimizing wetting between getting out of the pool and the bath house or restroom. People may wonder why you are changing out of the swim diaper into shorts and back into the swim diaper all the time, but if it's a swim diaper, people probably know what it is already, and it is probably better than people walking through your urine around the pool area.

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    I ordered a couple custom made Swimsters brand swim diapers from They are more like a very tight speedo but thats what they need to be because they are only designed to contain and prevent escape of fecal matter which is loaded with bacteria.
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