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Thread: improved my Depends protection with tabs

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    Default improved my Depends protection with tabs

    I am not sure if this has already been mentioned (if so, sorry!), but I just wanted to share some success I have recently had.

    I have long enjoyed the Depends protection with tabs diapers (formerly 'maximum protection'), with their soft white plastic outer, easy to find purchase them in North America, cheap price, snug fit. The problem has been absorbency. We know one considerable wetting can already result in leaks.

    With the launch of the new Goodnites Tru-Fit product, I discovered that those L/XL re-fill pads are actually a very useful and easy to purchase booster pad that fits nicely in the Depends product (or any other adult diaper). For those who have not yet seen them yet, they are like very large incontinence pads, just without the plastic backing. They absorb a lot, but allow the moisture through into the actual diaper. Yes, just like typical boosters.

    I am currently sat in my overnight Depends diaper, with two of these Tru Fit pads in it. Without being too graphic, I can confirm that I have used to substantially.. and still, both PJs and bed are completely dry.

    When I am not able to order the premium diapers online, this is my new diaper choice. Easy to purchase. Reasonable price. Allows me to custom fit how much additional absorbency I need.

    Just thought I would share.
    Take care all.

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    Honestly, that's a brilliant idea. I didn't know the Goodnights pads didn't have a waterproof backing.

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    Honestly, the Depends max protection are probably the best diapers you are going to find at that level and the most readily available. I wet the bed into my late teens and ended up using the pull-ups and the adjustable "hybrid" Depends, but once I stopped having regular nighttime the first diapers I bought for myself were those, and they were a lot better than anything I had tried up until that point. They actually have leak guards if I recall correctly, something that isn't even present on Attends with waistband, which is often considered a superior product. As for using the GN pads for boosters, that seems like a really good idea. While they are quite inexpensive at the moment, it seems more like the sort of product that will find its way into secondhand stores more easily (being something of a "love it or hate it", niche solution and a more appealing product to kids who develop acute bedwetting and are looking at available products.) Personally, I found some awesome deals via craigslist on Molicare Super Plus and Abena X plus, and I have a huge stock of attends and some Kendall products I got for an absolute steal that I use as stuffers, but it's good to know that there is a decent brief out there that is pretty readily available in a pinch.

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    I do this as well because I occasionally crave the look and feel of the depends with tabs. But if you think about the overall cost of what you are doing: $.50-$.75+ for each goodnites pad, and $.65-$.85+ for each depend, you come to $1.15-$1.60+ per diaper which is more that many mid grade diapers such as ATN and even the same cost of many premium diapers if you buy a case. This is a great thing for someone without access to online shopping or who doesn't have the cash to drop $60+ on a case of diapers, but it really is better just to stick with what is good and not try to give KC any more kudos than they deserve.

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