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Thread: Hey there PRESIDENT Obama

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    Default Hey there PRESIDENT Obama

    So he's been sworn in now, and he's giving his speech as I write this...What do you think about it?

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    I know we are in a moment of change, as he is still telling us. I feel that there is no question that Obama is the one that will bring this change into our lives.

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    He is the greatest orator living today and will go down as one of the greatest in history.



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    1. I'm pleased that no "national crisis" emerged that required use of an Executive Order to keep Bush in power.
    2. I hope that Obama makes a clarion call for unification in this country.
    3. If #2 (the call, that is) fails to come to pass by January 1, 2010, I hope we call for his (political) head in earnest. If this doesn't happen, I hope too that states start exercising their rights and cede from the union.
    4. I hope that we may now hear in the echo-chamber of the news "PRESIDENT Obama" rather than "BLACK president Obama" or "FIRST black president Obama" or "Barack HUSSEIN Obama."

    I think we cannot possibly do any worse (hopefully I don't eat these words later) but continue to see Mr. Obama as a one-term president. Hopefully effective, but hopefully one-term (to be replaced by a third-party candidate next, as outlined in another one of my posts here). He taught a constitutional law course, apparently, so God help him if he screws that up like our previous dictator plutocrat fearless leader.
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    Wow...he made a really serious face right before he was sworn in

    And I think his speech can be summarized easily as "Grow up and get your ass in gear"


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    It was truly emotive and deep...let's see his performance now.

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    Well considering I am of conservative view I don't agree with many of his ideas. But he won fairly and he deserves respect as any president of America should get, its one of the hardest job's on earth.

    But the swearing in doesn't make a great president, the actions he takes will decide how he goes down in history. And I'll personally give him as much slack as liberals have done with bush jr.

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    Well, at the inaugrial event, conservative, right wing, fundamentalist, evangelical protesters were on hand in strength to give us and the world their view - Chanting "OBAMA - ANTICHRIST! OBAMA - ANTICHRIST! OBAMA - ANTICHRIST! OBAMA - ANTICHRIST!. Guess their looking for the man wearing the blue turban.

    Whether or not he turns out to be a one term President , will not change the fact that we, as a nation, have to face the dire circumstances that we are in and dare to change them. We are at a crucible as a people; every one seems to have their hand out for a bail out, a quick fix. Seems like I've heard Obama qoute a lot of Martin Luther King Jr. - perhaps what we also need to hear is him quoting John F. Kennedy: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but for what you can do for your country." During times of great peril, most would like to cast blame, rather than be agents of change or solution. Our country, not Obama, will stand or fall, on what we do now.

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