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    So far, I have doused all night *almost* for double fame weekend and I wanted to know if anyone has the game and manage to obtain any "Red gladiators". If so what level is it to truly obtain them and how much do they cost?

    So far I am level 40 and all I have are gold gladiators. Maybe somebody knows? I can't get my answer off of google or anybody that's willing to answer online...

    I do know is this

    White gladiators
    Holds 1 perk, obtain for 420 silver, already have one in ludus

    Green Gladiators
    Holds 2 perks, obtain for 2,020 silver, can be purchased any level

    Blue Gladiators
    Holds 3 perks, obtain for 5,780 silver, can be purchased after level 10

    Purple Gladiators
    Holds 4 perks, obtain for 12,400 silver, can be purchased after level 15

    Gold Gladiators
    Holds 5 perks, obtain for 11 gold, can be purchased after level 21
    *which is what I have right now*

    I am hearing rumors for Red gladiators you can obtain after passing level 40 and can hold 7 perks but are extremely rare but so far I can't find any positive info, just retarded stuff.

    p.s. the game is free for ps3 and xbox 360 if you seem interested.
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