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Thread: Online Personas

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    Question Online Personas

    So, this crossed my mind last night so I'm going to share. Lots of us act as different people online than we do in real life. Be it changing our ages, genders, or both. Me personally it's an escapist thing. What is it for everyone else?

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    This is always an interesting concept. I too come to the internet to escape my normal, mundane life, especially during the week. I am not so sure I become a different person, or act any differently when on the internet but I do understand where you are going, I can choose to be whoever, whenever I want. I like to think I say the things on these sorts of sites in a similar way to how I would in real life. The only problem it is not your usual discussion to have with a coffee break at work. So I wonder if the escapism is more like relief. I cannot talk about these things in my day to day life, unless with a particular group of people, so having a friendly place to come allows me to be the complete me rather than just some of me whilst at work etc.

    You do comes across many folk who clearer make things up about themselves and pretend to be different people. Even on this site you have to take some of the stories of real life events with a pinch of salt at the best of times. But on the other hand that is what makes the interweb so powerful, the ability to be whatever you want when you want. I can remember back to days where there were no such virtual places to vent or discuss my feelings and while they were simpler times, I am not sure it was better.

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    Anonymity has power. It turns the quiet into the opinionated and judgmental, the strong into the damaged, the scum of the earth into the socially accepted, the wise into the shunned, and strangers you would never meet in person into your closest friends.

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    I'm a dick online and a really kind, laid back person irl. This is fairly normal. Anonymity gives people a chance to behave in ways they wouldn't dare to otherwise.

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    I'm somewhat the same~

    Though, I'm more verbose, excited, and loud on the interwebs than I am in real life. Which is to say I'm shy, quiet, and reserved - the latter having been referred as a fault. So, it's nice to be silly sometimes, tease, and socialize when in reality I'd probably have more trouble stuttering out a response than anything.

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    At this point in my life I'm pretty much the same person in real life as I am online except I'm more open about my personal desires such as diapers. My personality is the same I just hide behind a pseudonym.

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    I'm a painfully shy person in real life, but here I can open up easier.

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    Very interesting topic; one that I would have never came to mind. Although I have wondered what everyone looks like in person, it never really sunk in that people are that much different in their online personalities. I guess I am much more naive than I would have expected for my age... LOL, go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBabyMagicain View Post
    I'm a painfully shy person in real life, but here I can open up easier.
    And its easier to be confident, because if I screw up, no one is going to show up to my door and kick me in the shines (I hope).

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    I am pretty much the same person online or in the real world, I just wish there were people around or groups that I could talk freely about my DL status, occasionally I'll try to discuss it with my wife but she isn't real keen on the topic and usually changes the subject or ignores my attempt to open up a conversation about it. I wish I had the guts to be totally open about it and that it wasn't so taboo.

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