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Thread: Do you really want this?

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    Hi guys I'm new to the forums but really felt the need to share this topic somewhere! Last night I had a couple of drinks and decided to participate in your diapered friday night event. I often wear a nappy to bed but every time i wake up it is always dry and clean unless i have consciously wet or messed during the night whilst awake, this morning however this was not the case and I'm not quite sure what to make of it?!?!

    I woke up in a both very wet and messy nappy not through choice! I have been wearing them fairly frequently lately and using them (again through choice) often also and had worried about the possibility of actually needing them whilst also kind of fantasising about it happening but without ever intention of it getting that far. All I could do when i woke up to the realisation of what had happened this morning was cry. I was actually as helpless as a baby and it scared me! I'm starting to worry that maybe this isn't what i wanted, as if this happened tonight I suppose it means i'm going to have to start wearing them just incase tonight and every night from now on just incase the situation reoccurs? From there I can only imagine it become a downward spiral with my continence :/

    I just want to warn and urge people to think is this what they really want, before it is too late!

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    Let's look at step one hear. You mentioned that you had been drinking… Drinking is not good to control your bladder… Or sometimes your bowels. Maybe you had a little too much to drink… Slipped off into unconsciousness… And your body did the rest of the work for you. I would not be overly concerned… Unless it starts happening when you are not drinking.
    Or, consider that perhaps you were a little too drunk… And completely forgot that you did it on your own. This is very possible. I would not be overly upset… Just like I said… Keep track of yourself.

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    Hey thanks for the reply, when I said I had a couple of drinks I literally meant that, all I had were 2 vodka redbull's, barely enough to even get me tipsy which is why it really has worried me! Just hoping I haven't done something which I will regret.

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    Some on here would give their right arm to wake up in a wet and messy nappy with out knowing
    But Don't worry keep wearing for now and if your clean for the rest of the week happy days
    if not you've had protection on and saved your sheets then see the doc , but as said you could have been more drunk than you realized

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    As you can see Babyboyad, we're very much a support site. Since this is your first post, please start another one and formally introduce yourself. Hobbies, interests and other non-AB/DL stuff. Thanks!

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