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    Hi everyone!

    Well, I really never thought I'd end up making an account on this site, and have lurked it for a little while.
    Looks like I was wrong, however, since I'm here now! :P

    Obviously I'm here, because like a lot of people here, I'm a DL, and probably some form of an AB or little or AK or something, among other things. I don't get too bogged down with the labels. If you really want to know more, you can ask me, and I'll be happy to answer

    I figure after all these years this interest is probably not going away, or at least not for the time being, so I may as well get to know some other people.

    So apart from all the obvious, a little about me: I'm a pretty big nerd. I like most things academic, especially in the social sciences and humanities, but you can talk with me about science and I'll still happily talk with you (although I might not know as much as I would like).
    Aside from that, like a lot of people, I love the movies, music, culture. I like understanding how people look at the world, and I like to debate and discuss things. Nothing more nourishing than some food for the mind!
    While I'm not extremely involved in politics (although I have helped out in an election campaign) at the moment due to my post-secondary education, I'd like to one day become much more involved. I foresee myself going to law school, but I like to leave doors open so I don't know if that will come to pass or not.

    I don't really come here with any expectations - I'll let things happen as they come. Although talking about ABDL stuff would definitely not be out of the question

    Nice to meet you all!

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    Hello Consul And welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice and informative introduction.

    Again welcome and I hope to see you in the forums.

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    Welcome! I agree with egor, this is a very nice and informative introduction. We're glad you're here. And from your introduction you sound like you will be able to add some thoughtful comments and/or ask some intelligent questions to the members here.

    Do you have any idea why this interest has peaked at this time in your life? Have you shared your interest with anyone else?

    So, welcome and I also look forward to learning more about your thoughts.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I don't know how active I will be able to be due to the demands of everything in my life, but when I can make a contribution I will!

    Do you have any idea why this interest has peaked at this time in your life? Have you shared your interest with anyone else?
    Well, honestly, like probably many people on here, I've been interested in diapers and related paraphernalia since I was a kid. Also like many people probably on here (I'm guessing? I know it's not sexual for everyone), when I hit puberty the interest became sexual and more intense. I spent a lot of years going through the infamous "binge/purge" cycle with my interest, until I eventually just accepted things around the time I got into university. I'm actually now going into my final year or so at university for my BA, so I guess it's taken me a bit of time to come around.

    I've never told anyone else my interest, save for 2 other DLs I talked to on another site, and an ex-boyfriend.

    The "peak" in my interest is probably multifaceted in its explanation. It could be due in part to age, as early 20s is a time for many individuals to come out of their awkward teenage shell (at least it was for me). And in my case, I've not only come out of my shell quite a bit, but come out of the closet as well. I think confronting such fundamental elements of a person's identity really helps to bring one closer to who they want to be as a person deep down.
    I think another reason would be that as I grew older, I also gained more autonomy over my finances and privacy. For those like me who are much too nervous to actually purchase diapers and that sort of stuff in store, the internet is a really terrific solution! This autonomy has of course enabled me to truly experiment with long-held interests, and consequently reaffirmed my interests.

    Sorry if any of this is TMI!
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    Big welcome from backwater Ontario. :P Looking forward to more posts!
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