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Thread: the exact opposite

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    Default the exact opposite

    i am trying to break my shy bladder, i know this is not really for the incontinence forum, in fact, its completly opposite, but it is still a lack of control, my body just wont let me pee!

    my big question is- what are some things i can do to help bust this one out! right now i am trying to hold it untill i pee my pants (ive always wanted to do that...)

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    have fun Emo... if you want to hold it till you have a "real accident" start drinking a lot of water... I've done it several times.... just remember to have plenty of diapers around... b/c you won't pee just once. After you've had your accident your bladder isn't going to want to hold anything at all.

    Also... if you want an extra thrill... go for a walk around the neighborhood or something... a place where you will want to try and hold it... makes it even more challenging.

    Other than that... the only advise I can give you to get over a "shy" bladder is to practice practice practice... I've gotten to where I can pee most anywhere... sitting or standing... but laying down still takes some effort... still working on that one.

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    thankyou for the support! and i do have plenty of diapers ive been trying to pee in front of people (diapered and clothed ofcourse) but that progress is slow

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    patience is a virtue my friend... especially when it comes to training your body to do something that you've been told all your life is a no-no...

    caffeine will also help you pee... as it is a natural diuretic...

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    It took me quite a while (2-3 years, I'd say) of regular diaper use to actually learn how to wet while lying down. I think it helped that I mostly wear my diapers at night. SInce I have to go at least once or twice every night anyway, by body was grateful enough to take advantage of the convenience of staying inside the bed in a lying position and relieve itself.

    I'm also doing OK wetting my diaper around people, although that works best in a standing position. But wetting around people and sitting down are two things I was trained to avoid, so overcoming that is more tricky and takes more time. Of course it gets even more tricky when you're in just a diaper around other DLs/ABs who might glance over at your diaper every once in a while and would alert everyone if the status of it suddenly changes.

    Something I totally can't do right now is wetting on a moving vehicle - car, train, airplane. Beats me why it does not work - I guess I'm too stressed in situations like that (moving vehicle = possible danger of trouble, so gotta be alert) to relax enough to let go.


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    Wetting while driving/riding is something that took me a while to master there Peachy. It took a lot of determination (and some thick diapers). It's just a matter of staying on the road until you have absolutely no choice and start going in your diapers.

    I do need to practice more wetting while laying down... I hate waking up at night and having to get out of bed so I can wet my diaper.

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    thats my problem, i never get to the point where "i have no choice but to go" it just hurts and i never leak a drop

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    it will hurt... but just keep drinking water as much as you can... eventually you won't be able to hold anymore...

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    ouch, that sounds painful -- i'm glad i've never had to resort to that technique.

    i've gotten to the point where i can pretty much do it in any position, even when i'm walking although that takes some concentration and some deep breaths. i hope someday i'll be able to just relax when i'm wearing a diaper and hardly think about it at all. i still have to sort of give myself permission to go -- i can feel my muscles sort of tensing up every time like they're saying "wait... REALLY?"

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    Why do you want to have an accident though? I don't get it.. You could do some damage to yourself..

    I've had my share of accidents, and they are never fun..

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