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    Hi everyone, first time posting in the incontinence forum.
    Lately I've been having issues with minor bed wetting. Just two nights ago had I not woken up as it started, I would have soaked my bed. I still woke up with a huge wet spot in my sleep shorts. I've also noticed minor leaking during the day. Should I tell my doctor about it? Most of the time I just hide it but lately it's been getting worse. I'm actually kind of embarrassed to talk to my doctor about it, so I'm unsure what to do. I'm afraid if it keeps up I might at the very least have to wear diapers at night. But that's not a big deal since I like them any way. But the good ones are so expensive.
    What should I do? Any suggestions?

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    Most definitely, you should talk to your diaper about the issues that you describe. I appreciate that it may be embarrassing, but doctors are trained to listen to and help people with this and other embarrassing problems. So pluck up your courage and do it.

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    Thank you, although I didn't know the "diaper" was qualified to give medical advice. Lol

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    What should you do? ... Go see a doctor? ;)

    Well honestly, of course it's embarassing to talk about this, everyone who had to can relate to it. But on one hand it's a problem you have, and it sounds like you want to have it "fixed" one way or another. And secondly you don't know how many persons your or any doctor heard this already, perhaps also some times a day. People usually don't talk about it, since it's... quite embarassing partially due to the social stigma surrounding.

    Anyway, since you're girl you could simply to talk your gynaecologist about it, instead of your family doctor, if it might feel easier for you to talk about it then. While it's not exactly the right contact person, they are kind of used to it, since IC issues happen a lot after giving birth and in the end most women feel rather comfortable asking about help there. So either way they've got a clue or know who to send you to, i.e. an urologist most likely.

    In the best case it could simply be a hormone you're missing, which is getting produced at night, or just in inferior amounts in order to concentrate your urine. Hence you're leaking.
    A prescription would be kind of tricky I guess, but if it's measurable that you're having also problems over the day, so with your bladder itself, then it's possible.

    Best of luck for getting rid of it again!

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    Actually I'm Transgender so is kind hard to talk to either regular doctor or my ob/gyn(whom I get my hormones from)
    So yeah kinda awkward.

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    Okay, but doesn't matter if you're getting your hormones from him, right? ;)

    It is kinda awkward indeed, or embarassing as hell to be specific, I know that. Still they're kind of used to hear about this from time to time. Don't be afraid, it'll work out.

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    My good friend who is FtM trans knows about my bedwetting and diapers and since he started taking testosterone he's had a few bedwetting nights due to hormones, he recently started wearing diapers for that but his Dr. said when people transition to another gender it may cause some incontinence night time and daytime. I'd suggest you see your doctor.

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    Maybe you've already done this, but be sure to have a good mattress protector. They make cloth/plastic ones that don't crinkle and are very desecrate. We have one on our bed just in case. The other obvious short solution is "protection" as most all of us on this site wear diapers. A doctor is an obvious step as well, but others have already suggested that.

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    Just to add, with a doctor who prescribes you hormones, I actually think you should tell him. A hormone prescription means the doctor is actively treating you, and in balancing out what he's giving you, it's important that he know as much about your overall health as possible. So, even though this might be something that's hard for you to talk about, it's important information for your Ob/gyn to know about.

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