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Thread: Onesie and Prevent Chafing?

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    Default Onesie and Prevent Chafing?

    Diapers and walking can be a recipe for disaster on your inner thighs. I know mine can and do even sometimes with powder, lotion, or Bodyglide Anti-Chafe.

    To hopefully stop this and stop sagging diapers, I was thinking about the onesie with long legs from Babykins

    Or getting some Under Armor compression shorts a size or two bigger than normal. Compressing a diaper makes it not do its job, but hopefully going up in sizes would prevent that!

    The onesie is $45 and the shorts can be between $16-$35 so it can almost be an either or choice. I would be wearing shorts and not pants so tights and leggings are out for this situation.

    What have you tried that works? Have you done something else?

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    The neet thing is if you get the right size onesie it holds the diaper in place plus there is no way it will show if you bend over giggles no diaper crack :-)

    Love your icon.

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    I have tried both, shorts and an onesie.

    A tight boxershort will have it's leg gatherers between the diaper and your thighs. So you'll no longer have sort of ribboned plastic sanding against your skin but softer fabric.

    Eventually I replaced that by an onesie because I like that overall better than a short, but I have never tried one with "legs". The ones without work fine for me though.

    When you do wear compression shorts, make sure they do not push up the center of the diaper up, they tend to do that. That way the leak barriers will be overrun and you'll leak.

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    thinner padding helps. talc on the inner thighs helps. wearing briefs over your diaper helps. keeping cool helps. not being physically active helps. smoother shelled diapers help. avoiding walking a lot helps.

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    I vote for under armor boxer briefs a size larger. I always use them. Not only do they prevent chafing and sagging but also if you have a small leak they don't allow it it "conduct" well to your clothes and they promote drying. The shorts may get a little wet but it is difficult for jeans to get wet too.

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    You may want to try a wrestling singlet. They are kind of a combination of the two. I have a couple and they work well with diapers.

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    Armor briefs work well for me too. I usually 3-4 miles a day, and the first time I tried wearing plastic pants over a Bambino, I got tore up on my inner thighs (horrid). Anything over a mile at a fast pace can cause problems if you are not prepared.

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    I tried it and onsie made it worst for me.

    Might sound strange, but I found a solution that also INCREASE your diaper effectiveness.

    When you unfold your diaper before putting it on, fold it in half, lenghtwise. Then, put it between your leg folded this way. Make sure your manhood land in the fold and tape it. What you get is a snug fit with the crotch part still folded narrower. Once it's taped, make sure the leg elastics are extended the right way. It's way more confortable between the leg because it's not as wide.
    It also help prevent leaking, because as you pee, what's not absorbed drip in the fold and get absorbed on it's way to the back. It work especially good at night. Depending on your diaper padding cut, it also create a little pocket at the back to collect more urine or if need be, a #2 accident. The drawback is that under cloths, it's a little more auvious that you are wearing.

    You will also notice that it's how diapers are put on bed ridden patients in most places. Unlike how babies are diapered.

    I hope I succeded on explaining it without a video. I won't film myself! (o:

    EDIT: Here is a video (official molicare video, Safe to watch.) Exacly what I described. Work very well!

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    A well fitted onesie works good for me using cloth diapers and plastic, rubber or PUL baby pants. Baby Pants makes a quality onesie.

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