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    Hi guys im a little new to the site but not at being an ab i have been wearing diapers for just about my whole life so heres my story when my sister was first born i was five never new my real father step father a real jerk and afyer.two years went bye my sister started using pullups i got curious tried one on and like that i fell in love a few more years later i meet my grand parents this is bot exactly important but whateves my grandparents had neighbors of course.with kids the same age except one was still in diapers thats when it really started i used to grab a couple and bring them home eventually my mom found out i got in crap and she still dosnt.understand but thats my story also would anybody please help me.explain to my parents that this is a non harmfull thing it makes me sad knowing i cant be diaperd at not get in crap for it thanks

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    Just kidding (kinda) Welcome to adisc. However, I'm sure this thread will be moved shortly to the greeting/introduction section of our forums.

    Always nice to see new members!

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    Hi, ABTy. This is the place you needed to find to talk it out.
    I know parents can be difficult on subjects like this. They see something different and panic. Yours sound especially difficult. There are some websites you can read, and consider passing on to your parents, that help understand and explain the type of emotional disability you & I share. One is here:
    This is a site directed toward helping them see what you go through and what to expect. It has a link to another:
    Both are good info for you and them.
    I wish you well and may peace reign.

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