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Thread: DIY Baby Print Diapers

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    Default DIY Baby Print Diapers

    So i came across this post on imgur and it is really cool an i wanna do it when i get the chance.

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    That's actually pretty cool. I thought it was gonna be about making your own custom tape strips, which I've done before (also really fun)

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    Those look great! I might have to try it at some point!

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    OMG. O_O So cute.
    I wish I could follow instructions.
    But as I have Aapergers, and ADHD I need to be shown stuff, hands-on.

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    I've also heard of people decorating their diapers with duct tape, as it comes in so many designs nowadays - seems easy enough.

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    I have heard of decorating diapers before but this is really cool!

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    OMG, too cool! I know what I'm doing this weekend!

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    I'd imagine these hold a good amount also!

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