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Thread: Clinching Teeth in My Sleep While Using Pacifier

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    Default Clinching Teeth in My Sleep While Using Pacifier

    I've recently begun using a pacifier at bed time, and have woken up with it still in my mouth with no issues or concerns; however, I have also noticed that I've begun waking up with my teeth hurting, a sign that I am clinching my teeth in my sleep. This only started happening when I started using the pacifier.

    Should I discontinue use of the pacifier in order to preserve the health of my teeth?

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    I started using a paci BECAUSE I clench my teeth. Have you tried using a larger pacifier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonicZelda View Post
    Should I discontinue use of the pacifier in order to preserve the health of my teeth?
    Have you tried invisalign braces? It's like jello teeth covers you place around your teeth to prevent hurting and un-straightened teeth. Or you can try these steps into preventing clenched teeth while you sleep.

    I hate that too except I haven't tried pacifier sleeping yet but I can only hope I might experience this soon so I am preparing the worst and to try and prevent it. I tried something like this because I always bite my tongue about every night 3 years ago and woke up with cold sores on my tongue. It don't happen anymore thankfully so I technically know how you feel.

    You can do these steps while still sleeping with your pacifier but sometimes size can vary if you have sensitive teeth that flinch at the tiniest jolt. You can increase the size of pacifiers and relax your teeth more since your teeth is not getting used to objects inside mouth so it shifts to keep it comfortable making teeth hurt. Other times our bodies do crazy things while we sleep so maybe the way the pacifier is could be the cause of how big it is, the way it's put in (Only one way I think), and lastly anything else that bothers with your teeth.

    There are con's for sleeping with a pacifier. Here's some recommendations,

    • Pacifier use should be restricted to the time when you are falling asleep.
    • Pacifiers can cause severe lacerations if the shield is held inside the lips.
    • Look for a pacifier with ventilation holes in the shield, as they permit air passage. This is important if the pacifier accidentally becomes lodged in your throat.
    • In order to prevent strangulation, do not place a cord around your neck to hold a pacifier. Look for pacifiers that have a ring.
    • A symmetrical nipple permits the pacifier to remain in the correct sucking position.
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    Several years ago my dentist told me that I was grinding my teeth down at night. His remedy was to put a soft putty like substance in my mouth to make a cast for a mouthpiece. He sent the mold away and I got a nice fitting mouthpiece that will protect my teeth. I don't know of a paci that would go far enough in the back of your mouth to protect your teeth. I'm not sure if everyone is different but my molars were the teeth that were making contact. You can also get less costly mouthpieces at most drugstores.

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