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Thread: New all the way around

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    Default New all the way around

    I'm a new member as of about an hour ago I suppose. I've started wearing diapers about two days ago. I took the plunge and ordered a couple from Super Undies, the heavy absorbent kind. I think they maybe "Overnight" titled as well.

    Several years ago something happened psychologically where I suddenly had a thought that had pretty much stayed with me. It was the idea of wearing one. So I ordered a couple from Life Styles Emporium and never heard back. I stopped trying to order any more until last week. Now that they are in, I find myself enjoying the feeling.

    So, anyway, I'm not sure what to write. I'm not the A/B type exactly although the idea is comforting. Who knows? For now though it's D/L.

    I'm nervous about writing much or increasing information in my profile, especially when this is the subject. I don't think many would understand and quite frankly I'm not sure I understand either except that I enjoy the feeling.

    I did a lot of research before making the purchase and will buy more of the same, maybe with different colors. I have another order for a different type but it hasn't arrived yet. It's from a company in Australia.

    Outside of this topic: I enjoy a wide variety of things. I love playing a twelve-string guitar (hence the nickname) although I have others of the six-string variety. I used to make computer games for the fun of it and am thinking about getting back into it. Also, I had been working on my own graphic novel for the fun of it off and on. I've been asked why I don't do this as a personal business and I guess it is because work sounds like work and hobby sounds like fun. I am a software engineer so programming is my profession. So on weekends I like doing something creative, more of an artistic kind of thing.

    That's enough for now I suppose. I need to turn the soap box over to someone else like the cute redhead with the choo-choo train pattern disposables. No, not that one! That's Bozo and he isn't cute. The other one that's... where did she go? Well anyway, I need to turn this over to someone so next in line come and get it.
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    Nice intro and welcome to the diaper lovers! It takes a lot of courage to step out from the norm.
    I relate to the weekend creative work, and a graphic novel sounds so interesting and fun.
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    Nice intro Welcome to ADISC. I know it has helped a lot of people, myself included. So I hope you find what you're looking for. 12 strings are great! Have you ever listened to Leo Kotke?

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    Thanks Isle and Bean.

    I haven't heard, or that I'm aware of anyway, of anything by Leo Kotke but now you have my curiosity up. LOL!!!

    I play a lot of rock, a country song or two, and just whatever comes to mind really. Most of it is played with a six string in some form or fashion but I always get the twelve-string and kind of add my own style. I just like it. I'm not one for bending strings and making them talk exactly but I do pick and strum and play licks and it's all recognizable but different still. I had this particular one for I guess well over a decade and I've enhanced it by replacing the nylon string holders (shows you how much I know about the terminology) with something called "bone" for better tone. I've played for crowds impromptu usually with it and never made a dime but maybe someone recorded a session on their phone. For all I know there could be someone viewing YouTube saying, "Hey, c'mere check this guy out. The steel strings were better off in the mill. I didn't know a guitar could sound like it's calling hogs to mate."

    So there you have it. I'm no professional, just self-taught for over thirty years. The majority of my education is self-taught come to think of it.

    As for what I'm looking for, it's a new experience to me. I'm wearing them now and it just feels like thick comfort. I am not really sure what I hope to find. The idea that there are others out there like me who can talk about guitar playing and understand this feeling is nice.

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    Guitar is one of my favorite instruments... Unfortunately I can't play it myself.
    Oooh, and since nobody else did it... *Grabs the soapbox and climbs on top of it* Welcome!!! *Smiles and bows* I hope you will have a great time here. Regarding finding people WHO can understand the feeling... I guess you won't have any problems doing that here ^^
    *Jumps Down from the box Again and hugs his tail tight* So yeah... Fox's done with his greeting :3

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    LOL!!! That picture of you, the one in my mind anyway, of you jumping on the box bowing and so-on. That was funny from the start of the paragraph onward.

    I started playing with a small six-string making the most horrible noises with it. My brother made fun of me. Today it is a somewhat different story. He wants to know if I'll make a recording for him, just whatever I can come up with for a website he is working on. Maybe this weekend I will, I'm not sure but the point is that I've gotten good finally. Oh maybe nothing like Stevie Ray Vaughan but I've been on a stage a time or two and have played in bands that never went anywhere at least and serenaded women so I can't be too bad.

    Who's next? Come on, don't be shy. There is a soap box with your name on it! Actually, it says "Ivory" but you know what I'm getting at.

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    *grabs soap box* Oi Welcome to adsic. A guitar player nice!!!! A 12 string one tre bien ! Enjoy your stay at Hotel "Adisc"fornia

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    Thanks Full Metal, I appreciate it. The hotel is quite nice. Granted everyone is strangely dressed for some reason, diapers, bibs, of course Bozo over there... and myself oddly enough. It's okay, the champagne is good, I've made a few friends, and the hors o' dourves on the silver plate is a nice touch. I think I can get used to this. I'm going down to the lobby to extend my stay but first another one of those cheese things. Jeeves! Get back over here with those cracker things!

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    Hi 12string, welcome to ADISC! I like the look of those Super Undies. What company/products did you order from all the way in Australia?

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