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Thread: RIP Joan Rivers

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    Default RIP Joan Rivers

    She was one of my favorite comedy actress's. RIP

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    honestly I could not stand her. but wish the best for her family.
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    Every death is sad? Where does that logic come from? That makes no sense whatsoever… Anyway…
    I loved Joan Rivers. She was brutal, hilarious, and most importantly in today society, fearless.

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    How very sad. I never saw her comedy but I knew her via QVC and I wonder what they will do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Experiment626 View Post
    How very sad. I never saw her comedy but I knew her via QVC and I wonder what they will do
    Wasn't much to miss, she made her living by destroying others. Kinda ironic it was her own insecurities that killed her.

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    She was a Icon for women comedians.

    I think her whole "thing" was to openly talk about taboo issues then say "Oh Grow up!"

    She was about as funny as Phyllis Diller's Laugh.

    But her passing is a sad note, but think of all of the other female comedians that got started because of the doors she opened.

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    I thought she was amazing, and her wit was hard to match. My wife started watching "Fashion Police", and of course, I had to watch as well. I would have never turned it on if it was just me, but I really learned to enjoy the show. What amazed me was how incredible Joan Rivers was, her mind as sharp as a tack and at the age of 81. I'll miss her and the show.

    NPR said that she was one of the few comedians, especially of her generation, who managed to reinvent themselves, keeping herself current through the decades. That's hard to do. Though she was a bit foul mouthed, I think she was a very kind person in real life. That's where it counts.

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    I didn't like her brand of comedy... insulting others for laughs is bullying IMO. Can't stand that whole shtick.

    Additionally later in her life she said really terrible things about different people. I'm not celebrating her death or anything but I'm not going to pretend to be sad about it either.

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    There's nothing wrong with having an opinion against someone. You're allowed to say things in this country…
    I disagree with a lot of what is been said here… But that doesn't mean that I think that others shouldn't be able to say it. If you hated her… You hated her. That's fine. I think you are in idiot for hating her… But that's just me.

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