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Thread: Any Parents of ABDL's on Here

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    Default Any Parents of ABDL's on Here

    I am wondering if there are any parents of children who are ABDL who are here to try to understand your adult child's desire to wear diapers. I'm interested in hearing how you are accepting your adult child who has this characteristic. I would greatly appreciate your input and welcome your questions if you have some. Thanks!

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    Umm......Just accept them if your a member on here. If they try to do wrongful things to obtain diapers then discipline them and do not take their potty training away from them...I don't know how to respond to this.

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    We've had a number of parents who have joined this site when they discovered their child was wearing diapers. Typically, they're seeking information and they've come to the only sane, active site. We always treat them with kindness and try to support them. Once they've found what they need to know, they typically don't return. They of course, aren't into wearing diapers, so once they have a better understanding, we typically don't see them again.

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    Thanks for the information, dogboy. It's that type of long time experience I don't have. I looked for other similar posts but didn't readily find any.

    Snivy, I wasn't expecting ABDLs to respond here. Just parents of ABDLs to see if there are some here who would join in a conversation on what it's like being a parent of someone who likes diapers as an adult. Thanks for replying, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gardener View Post
    Snivy, I wasn't expecting ABDLs to respond here. Just parents of ABDLs to see if there are some here who would join in a conversation on what it's like being a parent of someone who likes diapers as an adult. Thanks for replying, though.
    I apologize because I'm not even dating yet. It was the wrong thread for me but because I answered it "Dogboy" Responded with a great answer. He deserves his TC+ status.

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    As someone with parents who object fully all I can say is let them engage on their own. But don't let it get in the way of development. Which isn't to say you should stop them from being ABDL but don't let it get in the way of them learning a skill or getting out and socializing. Without complicating things let me just say raise him or her the same way you would if he or she wasn't ABDL. Another plus would be helping them make electronic purchases online with money they earn legitimately whether it be a job or doing chores. Let them keep their privacy by buying diapers online and keep track of these things. The best thing in my opinion is to let them explore it in a healthy and safe manner. Only discuss it with them if they are comfortable talking about it.

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    Unfortunately, I'm not a parent either, but I hope I can help direct you to some resources, Gardener. First of all, I'd suggest skimming the introductions forum. This area tends to result in longer discussions, and you're not likely to find many parents checking it to reply to your posts.

    Second, I suggest taking a look at There is specific information there for parents of an ABDL, and you might find it helpful, although unfortunately, you're not likely to find other contacts for a conversation.

    Finally, while I appreciate that you want the experience of someone who has gone through parenting an ABDL, I'd offer the idea of posting about more specific issues that you're having. Many of us here have a good sense of what different people are going through and could offer some helpful advice from a different perspective.

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    I guess reading this from an objective outside perspective, I can see how my post is confusing. I am not the parent of an ABDL. I am one myself. I've read a few posts here of young members whose parents discovered they were ABDL and haven't accepted it very well. I started wondering if there were any parents on here, or even lurking, who learned of their child's interest in diapers and are open to learning about this condition. It's more like research into family dynamics, especially between generations when the ABDL is revealed. We see a number of SO's who love their partner enough to be open to it. I hope there might be parents who love their son/daughter enough to be open and interested in learning more.

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear in who I'm interested in connecting with to be able to learn more about their feelings and thoughts.

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    My mum is very accepting of my little side and I know for a fact that she has been on this site and even read some of my posts. It was a really good way for her to learn more about what ABDL means, and what being ABDL means to me. It was also really embarrassing when she quoted my posts to me though!

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    Oh wow, that would be pretty crazy to have your parents reading your posts and then talking to you about them. My parents both found out about my ABDL side and it was pretty tough for them and me at first. My relationship with my mom became really hard for me to have when she found out because she was convinced that I was some sort of insane deviant. My dad actually read some articles that he found and actually tried to understand my ABDL side as much as he could from an intellectual level. That really helped me talk to him over time. At first I wouldn't talk to him hardly at all. But when he shared stuff about what he was learning it helped to grease the conversational wheels a bit. Now a days I feel like I can talk to him about it if I want to. I don't talk to him about it super often, but I would say that I do ever year or two, and that seemed impossible to me for a long time. I also felt like I could share my ABDL side with my wife as a result of my productive talks with my dad.

    If there are parents on here trying to learn more about their child's ABDL side I guess I would say this. It helps to try and understand their perspective as much as possible. You might be able to overcome the inevitable awkwardness of the topic if you read up on what ABDL stuff is actually like. My mom read nothing, and she was convinced that I was either worshiping Satan, molesting kids, or both. Naturally my talks with my mom were very alienating and damaging to our relationship as a result. Talking to my dad was still awful at first, but I eventually came around as he read more and more about it. I did patch things up with my mom eventually, but it was a rough time in our relationship to be sure. If you are a parent feeling like every talk is just an awful failure though, take hope! My dad eventually broke through with me by reading a lot and trying to understand me. I feel like he somehow did that despite the fact that I was determined not to talk to him. To me that shows that there is hope for anyone who is willing to stick with it and learn as much as they can.

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