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Thread: Halloween Season!

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    Red face Halloween Season!

    I am overly excited for Halloween season! I'm going to buy so many girl costumes and new panties! Also, at all the parties I go to, I'll dress up as the little sissy boy that I am

    Anyone else take advantage of this season as a way of getting new role play outfits or going out in public wearing diapers and sissy clothes?

    I know that has some awesome Halloween costumes
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    Lol here we go .
    Halloween dressing up. Yes have fun my favorite holiday .
    One of many threads we have seen over the years.
    At this time of year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxkits View Post
    Lol here we go .
    Halloween dressing up. Yes have fun my favorite holiday .
    One of many threads we have seen over the years.
    At this time of year.
    I just joined this site and am very pleased with the community! Can't wait to see what everyone shares!

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    I'm a big fan of Halloween. I love horror movies, going to haunted houses, and getting to dress up. I've got a few costumes planned for different things I'll be going to this year. Most of the costumes that I have planned are things like a zombie, Freddy Krueger, and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, complete with a stuffed tiger.

    While I like the costumes and dressing up, I don't do any public diaper wearing with it, or wear a footed sleeper, etc.

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    I love going out as a wolf. I think the best part is finding unsuspecting children and ripping them apart from limb to limb, and then disemboweling them. Other than that, it's sort of ho-hum.

    I started working on my traditional Halloween story for this site. It's called "Hidden Valley". I hope I finish it as there's a lot on my plate, the plate being my wife's health.

    I love Halloween and especially the scary movies that will be airing on TV. My whole thing is scary.

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    I am thinking I will be an FBI nerd looking for weapons of Math Instruction.

    I wish I could figure out how to load the pictures my two Halloween costumes that I have done. One was my White trash alter ego of "Ed Earl" (I did not shave for two weeks and had a pair of my brothers bib overalls that where ripped out in the gut. I also carried a model of Davy Crockets gun, and a white lighting jug.) The other none was a biohazard technician from that was collecting "Amtrak's" (I had two of my Amtrak HO gauge passenger cars in a trash bag)

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    All of these sound great!

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    The best picture of "Ed Earl is with the gun out in the pasture with my sheep herd "protecting the women folk"!

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    I wish everyday could be Halloween, it is my favorite time of the year. I love all the colors and the tradition of Halloween it self. I love waking up every morning looking outside and seeing the beautiful leaves on the trees, I love getting to wear my favorite outfits I have just for fall. I love it if I could live in fall forever I would. Sorry to sound really girly and emotional about it, but I just can't help it. The fashion of this time of the year is some of my favorite. The colors the smell, jumping in that big pile of leaves you took forever to rake up. I love it so much.

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    Halloween is my chance to fulfill two of my greatest desires. To dress as a girl/sissy in public and wear diapers with them showing under my cute little skirt!

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