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    I kinda wanted to have a discussion over this news article i read

    My general thoughts on it are that its more than fine and acceptable for people of any sexual orientation to participate in a heritage event/rally, but im questioning of whether or not this needs to become a sexual identity rally as well.

    Before i go on i just want to clarify, i am not anti homosexual or anything of the sort. I love gay people and believe everyone on earth deserves to be with whoever makes them happy. But i don't necessarily believe it needs to be about being gay or being straight. The whole point of the parade is about being Irish. This is why i feel like a lot of people today go out and try to label things as either "pro gay" or "anti gay" when in reality the subject has no inherent sexual preference or bias.

    I mean i felt like one of the men who was was quoted in the article sounded rather obnoxious. An executive from a pro gay group named Nathan Schaefer said the decision was "disappointing and self served". I don't understand why he wouldn't be happy about the news, to me it almost seems like hes annoyed that a parade isn't ENTIRELY about homosexuality. He doesn't seem to understand that not everything has to be about being gay or not being gay.

    I don't know if I'm wording this correctly, i just feel as if several different areas in the world are becoming battlegrounds for lifestyle choices. Like the whole Michael Sam thing. I think its great that he is the first openly gay football player, but i don't care if he's gay or not to begin with. When ESPN started talking about his shower habits, i was kind of disgusted. Why the hell are they gossiping about stupid things like that when they're supposed to be a sports channels talking about stats. His sexual preference should have no relevancy period, the only thing that should be important is if he's a good player or not. The fact that a sports network is no longer talking about sports but instead the personal choices of a particular player is enough proof that everything is becoming a debate of "should this be gay or not".

    Again, i don't care about peoples sexual orientation to begin with. I would be just as annoyed by 2 dudes making out as i would a man and a woman making out (and yes, that would annoy me very much so). I just think things need to be sexually neutral and that no one should be concerned about the choices of others, but i don't know. My main argument is that it should be about if you're gay or straight, but if you're irish or not, or if you can play sports well or not, but just overall that sexual preference shouldn't matter for anything. What do y'all think?

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    A wide variety of community organizations march in the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade. The parade's ban specifically prohibiting gay and lesbian community groups from marching was demeaning, and it had no justification other than bigotry.

    Including a gay and lesbian group in the parade is not "sexualizing" the parade. Sexual orientation is not all about sex. It is also about love and about family. My partner is a member of my family. When I introduce him as my partner, I am not "sexualizing" the conversation any more than a married straight person "sexualizes" the conversation by introducing his wife or her husband.

    I completely agree with you that it's inappropriate for ESPN to ask Michael Sam and his teammates about their shower habits. I do think it's appropriate for the media to make a big deal out of the first hire of an openly gay athlete. It's important for gay kids who are aspiring athletes to see that they can pursue a professional athletic career without having to live in the closet.

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    I agree with buridan having come out in the late 60s, a dangerous time to do such things. I also agree that gay kids need to know that it can, and often does get better. Most kids who are known to be gay, are either bullied or ostracized by their classmates. Just being shunned or ignored can be crushing for a kid.

    That said, there can be an over emphasis in our society as to who is gay. "That guy dances really well, but of course he would. He's gay." The stereotypes go on and on as does the ridiculous emphasis. We all need to be people first, and that should be what's important. When I see Michael Sams, I think, what an incredible football player, and he is. Working in an inner city school in Virginia, I stopped seeing color. I know, I sound like Colbert when he's being sarcastic, but after awhile, you start seeing people as unique individuals, like your friends. When that happens, we've come together as a people. That's where I want to be.

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    I mean if its a gay irish group then thats more than perfectly fine, i just feel it important to maintain an irish undertone. Although it wouldn't surprise me if i were to find out that most of the marchers or floats in the parade had nothing to do with being irish, a lot of these kinds of events get forsaken by their original purpose or meaning. If the st. Patricks day parade is as much of an overhyped corporate advertisement as the Macy's thanksgiving day parade then i probably shouldn't even be bringing this up because the parade would be meaningless to begin with. But then again, i don't know the participants of the parade so i don't know if its actually a legitimate celebration of irish heritage or just another company sponsored event. But i digress
    And i can see how its important to have a role model for young gay teens to look up to, it aids in the destigmatization of being gay. Im just kind of annoyed that their are people in the world that still feel as if being gay is an issue. Things like race, gender, sexual preference, physical appearance, religion, or whatever shouldn't matter because people are people and deserve to be treated equally. But of course people are going to blow things out of proportion with grossly misinformed or misdirected speculation so no matter how far we progress as a society their will still be small minded people who only focus on minor aspects that have no meaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D0ris View Post
    He doesn't seem to understand that not everything has to be about being gay or not being gay
    You may have seen this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenSwords View Post
    You may have seen this:

    I am not sure what to make of that video. Bu I thought the irony was funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenSwords View Post
    I personally thought that was funny last year ^^

    Gotta love Key & Peele. But this video has nothing to do with the subject. This is all out of comedy. This thread is all about seriousness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snivy View Post
    I personally thought that was funny last year ^^

    Gotta love Key & Peele. But this video has nothing to do with the subject. This is all out of comedy. This thread is all about seriousness.
    Eh...maybe just that part when OP said "He doesn't seem to understand that not everything has to be about being gay or not being gay."

    I may be way out of the ballpark here [in which case let me know if I am], but it seems like OP has an issue with peoples' sexualities and lifestyles being forced onto others, when, like (s)he said, it shouldn't matter.

    Hmm...I suppose I agree. I'm the kind of guy to shower my woman with affection in public, but not anything like making out for 15 seconds in front of everyone. That makes me uncomfortable too. It's probably just a culture thing; I hear that countries in Europe kind of laugh at us because we're so conservative about our sexuality.

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