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Thread: Scotsman in LA, Vegas, San Francisco... what to do!?

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    Default Scotsman in LA, Vegas, San Francisco... what to do!?

    Probably a stupid question for many, but I've done a lot of the "touristy" things when I was last in the States, and appreciate suggestions of new attractions.

    Hollywood, Universal Studios, Griffith Park Observatory, USS Iowa, Six Flags, the Science Center, and so on... done all of those. Any other recommendations of places to go / things to do?
    I've been told the Getty Center is awesome, but the Renaissance and Neoclassicism honestly doesn't do it for me.... especially with $15 parking.

    In Vegas, I'm not sure what there is besides drinking, gambling, chilling by my hotel pool, and heading out to the Grand Canyon; done all of those already.

    And San Francisco is all new to me - have booked a cruise out to Alcatraz, and will likely spend the rest of my time wandering the city.. like a tourist.

    On a final note/question; are there good diapers I should buy here that I might not get back at home in the UK? I feel I should get my money's worth (and my checked baggage allowance worth!!) given that such goods are relatively cheaper here.

    Printed diapers, for example, cost a fortune in the UK because they're all imported from the US or the EU. Comments on a postcard, guys n' girls!

    Many thanks in advance,


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    For Las Vegas, this is the place I wanted to go that I didn't manage: I wasn't that big of a fan otherwise. It was interesting to visit but it was the company more than the location that made it a good trip.

    It's been a long time since I was in LA and I didn't do many of the common tourist activities. While I'm sure there are many interesting things to see, I've only got a few that prey on my mind off the top of my head. I'd like to hit the La Brea Tar Pits in all their smelly glory. I've heard they have the biggest independent music store in the US there, so I'd probably hit as well, but I still have a bit of a bias toward physical music that others may not share.

    San Francisco is great for just wandering and has so much great food at almost any price range. My particular favorites there is a walk around either day or night (substantially different with the lights at night). It's not that involved, so bring a snack or something as you wander or sit and watch the water and unwind. I also like the view from although the hike is a little steep. on the same site has a ton of interesting options. Don't miss their Chinatown and if you're interested, hit Japantown, particularly for

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