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    so for a long time I used ABU for my diapers. I liked them quite a lot. After this recent bout where they cannot return emails, or provide updates, or tell us all whats going on, I decided to shop around again. Its been years. I started out with the attends waistband, and found them to be much thinner now then they were 8 years ago. Now I am in molicare, and the padding clumps after just sleeping in them for just 8 hours. Thats my big issue, I want a diaper who's padding does not clump. I do not only use them for one night and toss them, when they are clean.

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    Bambino Bellisimo's. My favorite and many other people's favorites. They are expensive, but they are a nice treat for sure

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    yeah, I had stashed one away until a few nights ago, then I used it, but far too expensive for regular use. I have tried their other diapers as well, but the teddies are too light.

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    Bambino or Dry 24/7. Yes they are more expensive, but they don't clump up as badly as most others. It's always best to purchase by case, you'll save money in the long run. I don't know what you mean by they are to light. They hold more than any ABU product.

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    XP medical has amazing service and great prices.

    I personally love the Tena Slip Maxi. Got a Labor Day deal of a case of 72 of them with free shipping for $100!

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    Tena slip maxis are pretty fantastic. The plastic has a definite quality feel to it, and there is elastic running throughout the entire back, so it stays pretty snug overnight. For the thickness the capacity is fantastic, though personally ive experienced some leaks when flooded, but that may just be how they fit on me.

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    I tend to get my diapers from They typically sell the plastic backed Abenas although they have been out of stock for the last 2 months

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    bambino bellisimo, dry 24/7. abena's tranquility ATN and xp medical is good i also used caregiver partnership, they will do free samples, at 4 dollars shipping, of abena's and tranquility's. and will do samples free, 2 per household 2 per sample.
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