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    Hey all, I have not been on in awhile do to staring college and still looking for a job. Anyways, I have had a lump below my jaw for several months now. First thought was a lymph node by my doctor. Now I am not so sure, it has been at least 3 month closer to 4. I have a genetic disorder that can and has caused several nerve tumors that thankfully are all benign. Well I am going to see my specialist a week from Thursday, appointment date is September 11th. I am concerned it is a new tumor because it is still there AND my jaw keeps locking up whenever I yawn or open my mouth wide for any reason. I will post an update after my appointment with a code 4, or with whatever is wrong.

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    Code 4 is "All clear" for those unfamiliar with that terminology.

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    Yes, thoughts and prayers. I had a benign tumor removed from the nerves in my spine back in 1986 and it was a difficult operation. So my prayers are with you.

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    I'll keep you in my thoughts. I hope all goes well. There's nothing worse than having to wait, and wait, to get answers.

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    there is a diet that i would highly recommend, it will help increase chances of killing any cancerous cells by literally starving them. it is called the keto diet, and it is very highly praised in sweden where 16k studies have been done one it.

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