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    Hello, I'm new to the site and have been reminded not to be a lurker. That was not my intention but just hadn't got around to making a post.

    I'm in the UK and have been interested in AB/DL things for a long time. Still remember discovering that I was not alone in my interests and that was a very good feeling.

    Interested in lots of other things ... like classical music and sing in a choir. Also like walks in the country and enjoying a drink in a pub.

    Hope to chat with some of you.

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    I someday hope to enjoy a drink in an actual English pub. In England. Not like the "English" pubs they have here. All fake. :P What's your poison when you do go? Bitter? Nut Brown Ale? Porter? (I know that the UK is much larger than just England but I tend to associate pubs in the UK with English pubs. Guess I don't really know how a Scottish or Welsh pub would be any different. :P)

    "Classical Music" is a huge heading. Who's your favo(u)rite composer?

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    Thanks for your message,
    I'm in England so have been to more English pubs than Scottish or Welsh. They vary so much ... some not very pleasant, at least to me and some great ones. Pubs in the countryside, cities, towns and villages. There's even a publication called the 'Good Pub Guide' which is updated each year.
    I usually like to have a pint of one of the local beers; there are now many more micro-breweries around the country.

    Yes classical music is a bit vague but I can't really pin myself down to a favourite, (thanks for the 'u'), composer.
    The 'Proms' are on at the moment in London and I've been to several concerts this season ... heard some Bach, Beethoven, Elgar, Dvorak, Saint-Saens and others.

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