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Thread: Another Volcano in Iceland erupted. Yay!

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    Default Another Volcano in Iceland erupted. Yay!

    So does everybody remember Eyjafjallaj÷kull from 2010? The volcano that erupted and stopped all air traffic in western Europe and America?

    Well another one is erupting. Eyjafjallaj÷kull was described as a hiccup compared to this one. It is called Bßr­arbunga (try saying that 3 times fast). Luckily it is not a very big eruption, there have been numerous earthquakes around the glacial area where the volcano is buried, sometimes over 2000 earthquakes on a single day, the biggest one being 5.3 on scale. It is not really an explosive volcano, it just drools out lava thankfully. The volcano has been erupting since last friday and they say it can last for months, even years.

    But that is not the worst of our problems. One of Iceland's super volcanoes called Katla is long over do on it's time, by my best knowledge, the volcano is still active and erupts every 80 years or so, last eruption was in 1918. Fun fact, if you look up that year in Chinese historybooks, you find 'the year of the black snow'

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    Katia......after all those alphabet named Volcanoes? You can bet Katia is pissed off because she got over looked when it comes to long, complicated names, so when she blows, you all better run!!!!!

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    I heard about that. This will be my concern when I am trying to fly soon in the air gut I either get cancelled or have to divert to a near airport.

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    it's fine i'm from iceland and this will never be as big as eyjafjallaj÷kull

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevFox View Post
    it's fine i'm from iceland and this will never be as big as eyjafjallaj÷kull
    So it's still all icesave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaM View Post
    So it's still all icesave?

    en zenka jß ■˙ fannst Ýslending get ekki svara­ pm hja ■Úr

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    FrßbŠrt! ╔g hef veri­ a­ leita af einhverjum frß mÝnu landi sÝ­an Úg var 12 ßra, og ■˙ ert sß fyrsti til a­ svara til baka og helmingurinn af ÷llum sem Úg hef fundi­. FlÝttu ■Úr a­ ver­a Established Contributor svo vi­ getum tala­!

    Sorry folks for the icelandic, i haven't gotten this exite for a long time... I have been searching for someone who shares my... particular like since i discovered the actual term for it when i was 12

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