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Thread: First night expiramenting ^_^

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    Default First night expiramenting ^_^

    Well last night was my first real expiramenting with crossdressing to feel more sissy/girly I was diapered for bed and I went in my closet to look for a more childish printed tee shirt, but I couldn't really find one, but I did come across one of my sister's old dresses, a little purple one with sort of puffy shoulders.

    Normally I wouldn't have really thought about it and just huffed about people's old clothes being stored in my little closet, but this time I thought it would be neat to try it on for some reason It was really fun.

    I'll have to delve into this sort of thing more often

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    know the feeling i would try on my sisters clothes from time to time but since then she moved out and no more fun dress up night.

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    Yeah that would be nice. In my case, my sister lives in another state so borrowing her clothes is not possible.

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    I think I must clarify: This is not something she currently wears, and she has long since moved out, it's just something leftover from her younger days.

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    So did it fit you alright? If I tried that I'd probably have ripped it apart trying to get it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertwolf View Post
    So did it fit you alright? If I tried that I'd probably have ripped it apart trying to get it on.
    Yeah, I am rather skinny and my sister actually weighs more than me (and is quite a lot older).

    It's probably left over from her skinnier days.

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    I threw away all my ugly boy undies and replaced them with a new collection of girly panties ^__^

    Have to stay true to who I really am, a little 24/7 diapered sissy girl!

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    Nice find there, I wish I had a dress to dress up in.

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