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Thread: Diapers via Sea EMS?.

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    Lightbulb Diapers via Sea EMS?.

    After the recent heartbreak of seeing the shipping fees of saveexpress to Israel, I was wondering- is there any diaper supplier that has the option to ship via Sea EMS? I am ok with waiting for my diapers, I just don't want to pay double the price just because of shipping.

    I've already contacted Bambinos, and they gave me the automatic "we don't ship overseas".
    I am looking for either or Bambino Bellissimos, Abena M4's, or Dry 24/7's (which ironically are not manufactured in Israel anymore). I might also be satisfied with Kolibri Comslip plus.

    I would have said Aww So Cute (which are SOO cute), but they're just exceedingly expensive.


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    I don't know any options to help ya out. Amazon does shipping internationally I know that. Oh! And I think XPmedical does the same thing.

    Here's a website list. I can't remember by heart.

    They are going to be a little bit expensive iv you ship thru sea. International businesses are your best bet you just got to research a little bit more and find out which is more suited for you. Good luck in your search!
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    As said previously, xpmedical does overseas shipping, but it's expensive. So you're going to want to buy in bulk if it's going to be worth it. If you want bambinos amazon is going to be your best bet, but they're already expensive to begin with so good luck. Lol

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    Save express also ships overseas.

    Problem is, these distances are going to cost some money. Shipping is around 15-20 dollars to Israel what I saw in the blink of an eye, so for one pack of diapers that indeed doubles the price.

    A large order will make it more profitable, if you have room to hide it, if not, you're probably bound to Israeli suppliers or a little higher price (on the other hand, what's 10 dollars?). Doesn't Israel have any suppliers that stock up on Abena's/Kolobri's?

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    Buying in bulk will help to have diapers cheaper per piece. Buying by the case will save you money over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenaM View Post
    Doesn't Israel have any suppliers that stock up on Abena's/Kolobri's?
    In a quick internet search I found no hebrew mention of Kolobri, and Abenas... Oh boy. I even contacted THE only (or biggest) importer of them, and they replied "we don't bring these because there's no demand for them." And this is after I spoonfed them with the annoucnement from XPmedical. "Thank you for your suggestions"...basically they kindly told me to f*ck off.

    I just re-checked the shipping at saveexpress. No matter the amount, it consistantly makes the price jump by 180%. Does anybody know of any major online suppliers in my "continent"?
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    Default Update

    Update: It seems what I'm searching for is a company that can do "Less-than-Pallet-Load" (LPL) shipping by sea.

    I also contacted snuggies diapers on the possibility of shipping them internationally:

    We will have product being shipped out of Europe once stock and funds are available. Until that time the only option we would have will be through our carrier. I am unsure what the price would be but once we have inventory our website should be able to calculate what the costs would be. We are working with a large 3rd party logistics company which allows us to take advantage of deep discounts with UPS for shipping locally and internationally.
    So either a LPL by sea or a logistics company. Any ideas on how to find one of these, and how to combine them with a diaper shipment? Again, I am looking for a medium amount, say a case to begin with.


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