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    Question Hedgehogs

    Anyone here ever own a pet hedgehog? I'm thinking of getting a new one cause mine /Named "Sonic" RIP/ passed away recentlyin the hands of my cat . So anyone have any thoughts or sugestions?

    To cute for words : P

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    Get rid of cat. Buy new Hedgehog.

    Also, hedgehogs are cool pets, but I'll never have one(Small animals don't fair well in my house)

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    Echidna's are better. No bias, I swear!

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    I've never known people to have them as pets... Although I think they're going extinct here... I never see them any more.

    They have one of my favourite animal names though: Hedgehog! A hog in a hedge!

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    Like all the cool animals they are illegal here in California. Like its been said before.... California, land of the insane!

    You know what.. screw California. ::Packs his bags for Oregon::

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    I don't "own" a hedgehog but, from time to time, when it's warmer and they're not in hibernation, some of them come visiting my garden (exp. at night) to get some food, which is usually provided by my mum who gives them the leftovers.

    Unfortunately, expecially during summer, it's also quite common to see them splattered on the roads.

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