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Thread: Brands of diapers i've worn

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    Default Brands of diapers i've worn

    Over the last year I have worn and tried about 8 drifferent brands and type of
    1st Tena slip super plus large , ok for day but pants as a night time as they didn't hold enough and leaked
    2nd Lille suprem medium maxi nice soft but leaked (won't buy again)
    3rd lille suprem large super too large like bloomers (won't buy again)
    4th terry cloth squares did the job good
    5th Abena L3 great hold a lot and a comfortable (would buy again )
    6th Seni super Quatro large holds loads ,my current night diaper just don't like the pink colour (will buy again )
    7th Absorbency plus 4 large ok as day time but no leak guards let them down
    (won't buy again )
    8th Kolibri Comslip plus large We will see

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    Don't believe you will be disappointed with the Kolibri I found them the thirstiest nappy ever and they swell up to prove it PLUS I had NO leaks at all.

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    I have tried them all, it seems. Today my trials, and errors, have resulted in wearing Dry 24/7, covered with a lined plastic pant. That additional lined plastic pant was necessary even with Abena diapers, to prevent leaks from wetting my pants and what I sat on, but it's a safeguard I continue with Dry 24/7, just because. All other diapers leaked, even if only rarely. Leaking diapers are a compromise I'm not willing to make.

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    Update : I've worn Kolibri comslip for the last 2 nights and boy do they swell up it's like wearing a cloth diaper and no clumping

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